Latest prices from Swatragh

A super entry of quality cattle at the Belgian Blue and Blonde Suckler Calf Show and Sale on Monday 19th October sold very briskly with prices very buoyant. A heifer calf sold to £1,000 and a bullock calf sold to £1,020.

Sample prices:

Bullocks: Maghera Producer 450kg,£1,020;432kg,£905;526kg,£960;434kg,£800;436kg, £905;332kg,£720;356kg, £780;362kg, £850;Maghera Producer 442kg,£880; Swatragh Producer 272kg,£660 314kg,£750;258kg,£460; 326kg,£680;296kg,£600;Maghera Producer 268kg, £590;268kg, £395;248kg,£500; 244kg,£340;Kilrea Producer 314kg,£715;Swatragh Producer 446kg,£910; 496kg,£825;526kg,£1,005; 626kg,£1,060;600kg,£1,070;518kg, £960; 640kg,£900; 618kg, £950; 474kg, £870;446kg,£715; 530kg,£970;Kilrea Producer 334kg,£680;276kg,£690 Toomebridge Producer 373kg,£760;414kg,£785; 370kg, £760;332kg, £730; Randalstown Producer 314kg,£735; Garvagh Producer 384kg,£775; 394kg,£850;366kg,£725;362kg,£840;366kg,£725; 346kg,£740; Garvagh Producer 282kg,£655; 382kg, £555; 388kg,£755;330kg, £650;314kg, £660;Maghera Producer 414kg,£890; 330kg,£830;376kg,£870;316kg,£730 442kg,£890;372kg,£800; Maghera Producer 236kg, £625;294kg, £760;318kg,£760;358kg,£790; Swatragh Producer 262kg,£570;Coagh Producer 190kg,£250; 300kg,£500;Swatragh Producer 524kg,£905;516kg,£900;522kg,£850;540kg, £760;Garvagh Producer 322kg,£650;316kg, £680; Garvagh Producer 200kg, £340;Maghera Producer 312kg,£700; 384kg,£720;444kg,£915;446kg,£855;Maghera Producer 396kg,£860;292kg,£655;326kg, £685.

Heifers: Maghera Producer 450kg,£1,060;288kg,£680;330kg,£700;318kg,£740;336kg,£825; 396kg,£855;354kg,£675; 314kg, £660;418kg,£895; 324kg,£760;Gulladuff Producer 428kg,£810;Maghera Producer 256kg,£585; 490kg,£875;358kg,£730 ;626kg,£985; 326kg, £660;432kg, £815;448kg,£880;420kg,£820;Limavady Producer 274kg,£850;Dungannon Producer 316kg,£450; 300kg,£470;Maghera Producer 406kg,£770;386kg, £785;Swatragh Producer 434kg, £640;Maghera Producer 642kg,£1,050;Bellaghy Producer 372kg,£780; 478kg,£870;482kg,£900;446kg,£905;402kg,£755;402kg,£820 ; 436kg,£830;382kg,£745;424kg, £790;482kg, £950;462kg,£740; 494kg,£855;Garvagh Producer 274kg,£550 ;204kg,£370;382kg,£590;Maghera Producer 232kg,£480;Swatragh Producer 254kg,£400 ;314kg,£805;Kilrea Producer 326kg, £825;Swatragh Producer 592kg,£850;466kg, £815;576kg, £980;720kg,£990;526kg,£910;Toomebridge Producer 374kg,£620;Garvagh Producer 288kg,£560 306kg,£540; Maghera Producer 460kg,£930;440kg, £1,000;404kg, £935;428kg,£800;298kg,£700; 392kg,£1,000;

Sheep: A very strong seasonal entry of 980 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 24th October witnessed another challenging lamb trade. Several pens of heavy lambs sold well in excess of £65.00 each to a top rate of £66.80, Middleweight Lambs sold to £64.50 for 23.5kg while Store Lambs were very good and sold to £48.50 for 16kg,Ewes sold to £92.50

Sample prices:

Heavyweight Lambs: Maghera Producer 7 Lambs 27.5kg at 66.80 = 243p; Coagh Producer 4 Lambs 24kg at 65.50 =273p; Cullybackey Producer 7 Lambs 25.25kg at 65.20 =258p; Dungiven Producer 9 Lambs 25.25kg at 65.00 =257p;

Middleweight Lambs; Dungiven Producer 7 Lambs 23.5kg at 64.50 = 274p; Draperstown Producer 14 Lambs 22.5kg at 61.80 =275p;Draperstown Producer 8 Lambs 22kg at 61.80 =281p; Garvagh Producer 20 Lambs 23.75kg at 61.00 =257p;

Store Lambs: Garvagh Producer 15 Lambs 16kg at 48.50 =303p; Garvagh Producer 12 Lambs 16.5kg at 50.00 = 303p; Draperstown Producer 7 Lambs 16.5kg at 49.50 =300p.

Ewes: Dungiven Producer 3 Suffolks at 92.50; Kilrea Producer 2 Texels at 81.00.

Payment on the day

Producer Incentive: There will be £100 Northern Counties Farmware Store Voucher to be won every month at both the Sheep and Cattle Marts.

Cattle Sale – Every animal sold will guarantee one entry into monthly draw

Sheep Sale – Every 10 Sheep sold will guarantee one entry into monthly draw