Launch of Calf Excel is a resounding success

Paul Elwood of HVS Animal Health
Paul Elwood of HVS Animal Health

HVS is confirming a tremendous response to the recent launch of its new Calf Excel product, which has been specifically developed to influence the wellbeing of young calves and help bring relief against intestinal disorders and non-specific diarrhoea.

“We had a tremendous level of interest shown in the new product at the Winter Fair,” confirmed the company’s Paul Elwood.

“And, what’s more encouraging is the fact that many of those farmers who purchased Calf Excel are coming back for more, having seen significant improvements from using the product. Full information on the new product will be available on our stand at Fintona 2016.”

Calf Excel should be fed at a rate of 10g per calf per day, from the commencement of milk feeding up to four weeks of age.

“It contains a number of ingredients which act to help protect the lining of the young calf’s gut: hence its effectiveness in reducing the onset of scour related problems,” Paul added.

Full details on the HVS Liquid Gold trace mineral and vitamin range will also be available at Fintona.

“This is one of the busiest times of the year for livestock farmers, where trace element and vitamin nutrition are concerned,” Paul explained.

“Pre lambing ewes need a nutritional boost now. This is particularly the case in the wake of the recent heavy rains and the poor ground conditions prevailing right across Northern Ireland.

“Scanning percentages are pretty good again this year. The challenge for flock owners is ensuring that all of this potential is converted into the reality of good lamb numbers on the ground over the coming weeks.

“Spring calving suckler cows also need a pre calving trace element and mineral boost now while dairy farmers with autumn calvers must ensure that their cows receive a similar nutritional lift, in order to maximise conception rates over the coming weeks.

“The good news is that the HVS Liquid Gold range contains a product to meet each of these specific needs.”

He continued: “The HVS Liquid Gold range represents the next generation in chelated mineral and vitamin drenches.

“Increasingly, farmers must seek to maximise the performance of their livestock. The Liquid Gold range has been developed to meet this specific requirement.

“Liquid Gold represents a key breakthrough in the development of chelated mineral and vitamin drenches.

“The products contain all of the minerals and vitamins required by dairy cows, suckler cows, beef cattle and sheep with Zinc, Manganese and Copper made available solely in a chelated form.

“I am aware that commodity prices are under pressure at the present time. But, given this backdrop, farmers must ensure that their animals are performing in the most efficient way possible.

“And it is in this context that the beneficial impact of the Liquid Gold range must be gauged.”

For further information, contact HVS Animal Health on (028) 44831700.