Leading sires at £12 per straw

Remark -P's dam, Pine-Tree Toubi 4831 VG85?
Remark -P's dam, Pine-Tree Toubi 4831 VG85?

A choice of four different Genomic sires from world leading bloodlines at £12 per straw is the very special offer from Genus ABS to recognise the cost saving that dairy farmers are making in the present milk price scenario.

This very special deal offers the dairy farmer the choice of Resse, Remark P, Ardie or Canuto at £12 per straw when buying 30 straws of any of these sires. This allows dairy farmers to concentrate on the most important commercial traits cost effectively.

Resse's grand dam Shottle Tish EX90

Resse's grand dam Shottle Tish EX90

Ervin McKinstry, Ireland manager with Genus ABS said: “Our representatives in the field are talking to farmers on a daily basis and feed back information to us so that we can tailor our products to suit farmer’s ambitions and market circumstances.

“We are pleased to offer these four exciting sires who offer an average PLI of £539 and an average Type Merit of 2.82, with the option to use a polled sire for ease of calf management.”

Resse – (Cashmoney x Robust)

The family behind RESSE is well known world-wide. His dam, is an impressive young cow at VG-85, sired by Damascus.

Canuto's grand dam, Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG87

Canuto's grand dam, Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG87

She completes 10 generations of VG or EX cows. His grand dam is Shottle Tish EX 90.

The family members are consistently stylish, balanced cows with terrific udders.

They tend to be slower maturing cows that develop. Resse daughters will produce high component milk at low cell counts.

His proof predicts that daughters will live long and fertile lives - important traits for many dairy farmers. 

Ardie's dam, Morningview P Ashley VG85

Ardie's dam, Morningview P Ashley VG85

Remark P – (Supersire x Toubib-P)

One of the markets leading Polled Sires. Remark P’s dam is a VG-85, Pine-Tree Toubi daughter.

His Goldwyn grand dam completes three generations of Dam of Merit cows with lifetime production totals over 119,000lb’s milk, 4800lbs fat and 3800lb’s protein.

Mating REMARK-P to a horned animal will result in a 50% chance of a polled calf. Producers with polled cattle will have 100% polled offspring.

REMARK-P’s Lawn Boy-free pedigree will make him an obvious choice in polled genetics.

Alongside the polled bonus, daughters will have extreme production and high components to add extra profits.

Type-wise, daughters will be robust, with great udders and added teat length.

Ardie – (Levi x Planet)

ARDIE combines a rare sire second crop sire (LEVI), a deep proven cow family (Canyon Breeze) and elite genomics into one package. 

Ardies linear predicts that daughters will be non-extreme, with width and strength but lower on stature.

Daughters will transmit high components and good volumes of milk.

Ardie will also transmit low somatic cell counts and high fertility. All of these factors boil down to producing long life cows.

 Canuto (Numero

Uno x Damascus)

Canuto is a member of one of the world’s greatest bull breeding cow families; the Pine-Tree Missy cow family.

In fact, Genus ABS have so much belief in this cow family that they have purchased Canuto’s dam, Seagull-Bay Miss America, for their breeding programme.

Alongside being part of this great cow family, Canuto’s sire stack provides refreshingly different outcross to many bloodlines in the UK.

Canuto is one of the markets’ most complete sires, he ranks at £620 PLI meaning his daughters will be very profitable, this score is driven by high components, fertility and low maintenance scores. On top of his tremendous profitability Canuto has sky high scores for type at +3.17, daughters will have great udders, feet and legs.

For more information farmers should contact their Genus ABS rep or phone the office on 028 3833 4426.