Lely introduces a new trailed forage harvester

Lely Storm 300
Lely Storm 300

The new Lely Storm 300 series sets high standards in trailed forage harvesting.

High capacity in combination with low maintenance makes this machine ideal for contractors and large farmers. The Lely Storm 300 can be used with a wide camless pick-up or a three-row maize header.

Lely have responded to the needs of this market segment for more capacity and easier operation with the widest trailed harvester pick up on the market which has a working width of 2,2m. This forage harvester range, designed with a new power belt drive line rated up to 300 hp is intended for large farmers and contractors in areas where the time for grass harvesting is limited.

Camless pick-up/feeding system

What is unique about the Lely Storm 300 is the newly developed intake rollers in combination with a camless pick-up. This new and improved intake system delivers an exceptionally even crop flow into the large flywheel cutting unit. This provides for a greater capacity, meaning that the forage harvester has no issues with wide, bulky or uneven swaths.

The new wider 2.2m pick-up follows ground contours providing clean lifting of the crop. It has fewer moving parts; therefore is less prone to wear-and-tear and maintenance-friendly.

New crop chute

On the new Lely Storm 300 it has a bigger crop chute, designed for larger high volume trailers now commonly being used. The crop chute comes standard with 280° spout rotation and is hydraulically operated and foldable to reduce transport height.

Flexible operation

The Lely Storm 300 is ISOBUS compatible.

For tractors with no ISOBUS connection, Lely has developed an E-link control handset for the Storm 300. This handset has specific buttons for each function and a display screen.

Designed for use with grass and maize silage

With the Lely Storm 300, you can work with both grass and maize silage. For maize, the Storm 300 can be fitted with an independent three-row maize header.

Metal Detector

There are two models available. The Lely Storm 300 P and the Lely Storm 300 P Profi which is fitted with Metal Detection.