Lightweight bullocks sell from 190 to 214p at Enniskillen

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A seasonal entry at Thursday’s sales with a firm trade in all rings.

Lightweight bullocks sold from 195 to 222p for a Lim 392kg at 870. Medium weights sold from 190 to 214p or a Ch 420kg at 900. Heavy lots sold from 190 to 207p for a Ch 542kg at 1125. Selling up to 1285.

BULLOCKS: Derrylin producer 392kg at 8470 Lim, Lisbellaw producer 354kg at 785 Lim, Florencecourt producer 420kg at 900 Ch, Kinawley producer 498kg at 1045 Ch, Kesh producer 450kg at 940 Ch, Irvinestown producer 542kg at 1125 Ch, Irvinestown producer 516kg at 1070 Ch.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £950 paid for a 417kg Sim, while heifers ranged from £525 to £750 for a 302kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Ballinamallard producer 270kg Ch hfr at 645, 240kg Ch hfr at 615, 384kg Ch steer at 885, 330kg Ch steer at 705, 272kg Ch steer at 735, Tempo producer 417kg Sim steer at 950, 358kg Ch steer at 890, 379kg Ch bull at 905, 378kg Ch bull at 840, Letterbreen producer 351kg Lim steer at 795, 328kg Lim steer at 790, 350kg Lim steer at 815, Springfield producer 335kg Ch bull at 915, 351kg Ch bull at 850, 329 Lim bull at 790, Derrygonnelly producer 322kg Lim hfr at 700, 397kg Lim hfr at 750, 296kg Lim hfr at 690, 301kg Lim bull at 730, 331kg Lim bull at 800, Belcoo producer 214kg Ch bull at 655, 272kg Ch bull at 635, 269kg Ch hfr at 620, 250kg Ch bull at 710, Derrylin producer 368kg Ch hfr at 790, 367kg Ch hfr at 770, 355kg Ch hfr at 760, 365kg Ch hfr at 730, Kesh producer 308kg Ch steer at 800, 349kg Ch hfr at 720, 348kg Ch hfr at 845, 304kg Lim bull at 780, Ederney producer 316kg Lim steer at 760, 330kg Lim steer at 820, 359kg Lim steer at 860.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Enniskillen producer Lim bull at 530, Brookeborough producer Ch bull at 460, Letterbreen producer BB bull at 400, Derry Lester Producer Her bull at 390, Belcoo producer Ch bull at 395.

CALVES: Tempo producer Ch bull at 355, Trillick producer Ch bull at 320, Brookeborough producer Ch bull at 355, Letterbreen producer Lim hfr at 325, Florencecourt producer Her bull at 310, Tempo producer Ch hfr at 305, Tempo producer Ch hfr at 295, Roscor producer Friesian bull at 48.

SUCKLER COWS: Garrison producer Sim cow with hfr at 1460, Rosslea producer Her cow with hr at 1450, Omagh producer Lim cow with hfr at 1420, Dungannon producer Sh cow with bull at 1370, Belleek producer Angus cow with bull at 1350, Dromore producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1250, Kinawley producer Angus cow with bull at 1260, Enniskillen producer springing Lim hfr at 1100.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 210 ppk paid for a 520kg Ch at 1095. While other lots ranged from 189-220 ppk for a 400kg Ch at 880.

Killadeas producer 535kg Ch at 1100, Florencecourt producer 560kg Ch at 1110, Florencecourt producer 510kg Ch at 1040, Derrylin producer 567kg Ch at 1090, Newtownbutler producer 530kg Ch at 1095, Newtownbutler producer 530kg Ch at 1075, Newtownbutler producer 520kg Ch at 1070, Trillick producer 520kg Ch at 1080, Trillick producer 520kg Ch at 1055, Kinawley producer 488kg Ch at 950, Garrison producer 420kg Ch at 895, Garrison producer 850kg Ch at 850.

Cast cows: Heavy cows to £1080 for a 700kg Ch at 154ppk also £1080 for a 772kg AA at 140ppk. Feeding cows to 167p for a 484kg Sim at 810. Friesian cows to 119p for 670kg at 800.