Limousin bullock to £1,250 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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375 head on Friday at Rathfriland Co-Op with more weanlings and bullocks in the entry.

A 612k Lim bullock topped the sale at £1250 with more bullocks at over the £1000 mark.

Friesian bullocks excelled in price eg, Ballyward farmer: 24, 546k at £875 or 160p/k and 548k at £860 or 157p/k.

Bullocks topped at 221.7p/k for 336k at £745 from Drumarkin.

Heifers topped at £1090 with 206p/k paid for a 402k Lim at £830.

145 weanlings sold to £900 for an Angus from Mayobridge.

A heifer from Dromara: 420k sold at £830. A Dundrum farmer reached 252p/k for a 270k saler at £680 and 238k at £600 and averaged 244p/k for 6 salers. Fat cows cleared up to £915 for 778k Ch from Dromore. Dropped calves sold to £320 for an Angus from Lurgan. The top 12 dropped calves were all Angus breed.

DROPPED CALVES: Lurgan farmer: £320, £230, £205 etc. Millvale farmer: £265, £255, £240 etc. Dechoment farmer: £230. Banbridge farmer: £230. Newcastle farmer: £255. Dromara farmer: £210. Seaforde farmer: £200 and £180 etc.

145 WEANLINGS: Mayobridge farmer: 386k at £815, 396k at £815, 388k at £805, 356k at £705 and 510k at £980. Loughbrickland farmer: 420k at £855, 332k at £720, 350k at £705 and 342k at £690. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 430k at £850. Ballymacarney farmer: 372k at £800, 420k at £830, 356k at £740, 344k at £700, 284k at £575. Dundrum farmer: 270k at £625, 238k at £600. Dromore farmer: 264k at £660. Dromore farmer: 318k at £710 and 278k at £655.

HEIFERS: Lisnaduff farmer: 670k at £1090. Rathfriland farmer: 482k at £915, 402k at £830. Poyntzpass farmer: 450k at £850, 442k at £800, 392k at £750, 400k at £725. Bryansford farmer: 370k at £720. Banbridge farmer: 364k at £660 and 348k at £630.

FAT COWS: A top of £915 for 778k or 118p/k, 590k at £635, 630k at £640 and 625 at £630.

BULLOCKS: Drumlough farmer: 612k at £1250, 622k at £1160, 628k at £1125, 612k at £1090, 568k at £1075 and 562k at £1055. Newcastle farmer: 676k at £1110 and 612k at £1000. Annaclone farmer: 550k at £1000. Warringsford farmer: 498k at £975, 548k at £945, 498k at £910. Drumarkin farmer: 434k at £875, 430k at £855, 424k at £845, 444k at £820 and 408k at £815. Ballykeel farmer: 508k at £950, 486k at £915 and 488k at £890. Ballynafern farmer: 550k at £1000 and 526k at £970. Newcastle farmer: 2 MBE 676k at £1110 and 612k at £1000. Loughbrickland farmer: 456k at £890, 400k at £880, 424k at £875.

FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: 568k at £810, 548k at £860, 520k at £860, 520k at £790, 500k at £750, 546k at £875, 490k at £725, 524k at £755, 470k at £680 etc.

First suckler calf sale on Monday 26th September at 7.00pm.

At least two thirds of the lambs on Tuesday evening were stores. These sold in an excellent trade to 390p/k for 16k at £62.50 from Ballymageough. A pen of 23 lambs weighing 13.4k from a Banbridge farm sold at £50 per head with 13.5k from Kilkeel at £53. A pen of 18 lambs from Kilkeel fetched £69.50 with 17.5k from Lacken at £66. Heavy lambs sold to £83 for 28k from Poyntzpass. 24.8k from Ballinaskeagh sold at £81. 24.5k from Downpatrick sold at £80. Emdale farmer: 26.5k at £80 and 25.3k at £80. Mount Ida farmer: 25k at £80.

FAT EWES: Newry farmer: £78. Newcastle farmer: £76. Kilkeel farmer: £80 and £70 etc.

Final breeding sheep sale on Monday 19th September and will include a multi-breed ram sale.