Linden Foods invests in growth

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Linden Foods, part of Fane Valley Group, is strengthening its relationship with its producers in a number of ways which provide positive benefits to local farmers in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

These important initiatives include Linden Livestock by which the company, based in Dungannon, ensures a supply of beef bred dairy cross calves for their beef finishers.

The calves are reared to the highest standard in especially designed units and male calves or heifers are available in batches to suit the purchaser.

Working in conjunction with some of their retail customers, Linden Foods has introduced projects to improve the sustainability of its beef producers.

Now in its sixth year, the McDonald’s Sustainable Beef Club has ensured that its Linden Foods members have a much better knowledge of the carbon footprint of their farms and the improvements they can carry out to reduce their carbon emissions.

Some of the key points that have come out of the project are the need to improve on farm efficiencies such as making better use of fertilisers, slaughtering animals younger and ensuring maximum use of grass.

The McDonald’s on line “What If Tool” has helped farms compare their current performance with any improvements they might make in terms of on farm efficiencies.

Linden Foods has also been working closely with Marks and Spencer on the Farming For the Future programme. Linden is currently engaged in three different projects, the first of these is in conjunction with Greenmount College undergraduates who are involved in a farm to fork supply chain project where they get a very hands on experience of a food supply chain.

A group of beef farmers were given the opportunity to get involved with M&S and Linden in the Farm Roadmap project which will provide information to the farmers on how they could develop their farms in a sustainable way.

Four Linden farms have been selected as M&S indicator farms, which will be used to demonstrate best practice to groups of beef producers across a range of topics ranging from good grassland management to correct use of mineral and vitamins in beef cattle and sheep.