Liquid Gold boosts lamb growth rates by 1.24 kilos per head

Paul Elwood, of HVS Animal Health.
Paul Elwood, of HVS Animal Health.

The good news for sheep producers is that grass growth has been exceptional over the past number of weeks. And the prospects looking ahead seem to be equally positive.

However, lambs still need an effective mineral and vitamin drench now in order to ensure they can obtain optimal growth rates post weaning. As lambs get stronger, they will seek to secure a much greater proportion of their diet from grazed grass. However, all forages are imbalanced when it comes to their mineral and vitamin contents.

The good news is that Liquid Gold Sheep, from HVS Animal Health, allows flock owners to meet this requirement in just one easy to administer dose.

“Large numbers of lambs will be weaned and wormed over the coming weeks,” explained Paul Elwood, from HVS Animal Health.

“Liquid Gold Sheep can be easily administered as the animals are being handled.”

There is ample evidence to confirm that Liquid Gold Sheep will significantly boost lamb growth rates.

Former UK Sheep Farmer of the Year Crosby Cleland trialled the product on 460 lambs, divided into three groups.

“The actual figures in the three groups of lambs clearly illustrated the effectiveness of using HVS Liquid Gold,” he said.

“Daily live weight gains that were recorded after just five weeks, compared to the control groups, showed a financial benefit of £1.50 per head over the cost of the product.

“The extra trace minerals and vitamins provided by HVS Liquid Gold, when used across our whole flock, will considerably shorten our finishing times.”

Dr John Orr, from Strangford in Co Down, carried out a similar trial on 154 lambs: 104 receiving Liquid Gold and 50 left untreated.

“The treated group of lambs had 50% more daily live weight gain than the control group,” he said.

“Treated lambs achieved finishing weight and were ready for market much sooner.”

Paul Elwood again:

“Our trial work has shown that, on average, lambs drenched with Liquid Gold Sheep will be 1.24 kilos heavier than their untreated counterparts after five weeks.

“Liquid Gold Sheep delivers all of the key trace minerals and vitamins which growing lambs require with copper, manganese, iron and zinc made available in a wholly chelated form.”

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