Lisahally Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,255 for 650kg and heifers to £1,250 for 620kg

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An excellent show of cattle met with a firm trade.

Bullocks sold to £1,255 for 650kg and heifers sold to £1,250 for 620kg


David Hunter £1,255/650kg, £990/570kg, Eamon McHugh £1,115/550kg, Glenfern Farms £1,030/550kg, Lohan £1,015/520kg, £1,010/500kg, £990/480kg, £970/450kg, John Dodds £900/480kg, £895/420kg, £830/380kg, £765/410kg, John Logue £875/490kg, Gerard McWilliams £840/450kg, £825/470kg, James O’Hagan £840/350kg, Jack Killen £770/370kg, John Dodds £760/470kg, James O’Hagan £745/360, £620/430kg, £600/310kgkg, £730/430kg, £700/400kg, £670/360kg, £670/330kg, £665/320kg, £650/320kg, £645/300kg, £605/240kg, £595/210kg and John Dodds £705/380kg, £705/390kg, £705/330kg, £630/480kg.


David Hunter £1,250/620kg, £1,105/570kg, £1,100/620kg, £1,000/520kg, £970/550kg, £940/520kg, James Procter £1,070/560kg, £970/560kg, £945/550kg, £925/540kg, £875/460kg, £860/550kg, £845/500kg, £835/500kg, Glenfern Farms £1,005/490kg, £845/430kg, £835/440kg, Eamon McHugh £950/500kg, £925/490kg, W J and D C Devine £870/590kg, Liam McCartney £840/470kg, £840/460kg, £830/480kg, £810/500kg, £800/440kg, £800/410kg, James Proctor £830/490kg, £825/470kg, £810/430kg, John Dodds £810/380kg, S Miller £790/340kg, £770/360kg, John Dodds £755/360kg, £720/340kg and James O’Hagan £740/290kg, £730/300kg, £715/300kg.