Lisahally Mart: Bullocks sell to £1270 for 700kg

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A large entry of cattle sold to great demand.

Bullocks sold to £1270/700kg and heifers sold to £1190/580kg.


Donald Sayers £1270/700kg, £1230/690kg, James Sayers £60/640kg, David Smyth £1050/610kg, John Arbuckle £1045/600kg, W R Hamilton £980/520kg, James Sayers £975/510kg, David Smyth £965/560kg, W Donnell £960/590kg, £930/580kg, W Hamilton £940/540kg, £920/490kg, £900/480kg, £895/450kg, George Hamilton £920/630kg, Patrick Donaghy £915/610kg, £895/600kg, £860/570kg, £855/620kg, £840/580kg, £820/570kg, £820/570kg, £800/530kg, £800/540kg, Stuart McKeague £900/490kg, £895/540kg,£895/510kg, William Smyth £865/550kg, S Moore £840/500kg and W Hamilton £775/390kg.


S Moore £1190/580kg, £1090/580kg, Wilbert McNeill £1015/590kg, Donald Sayers £985/600kg, W Donnell £960/540kg, John Arbuckle £945/550kg, Brendan and Ryan Gormley £945/480kg, £940/510kg, £900/460kg, W Donnell £930/520kg, £880/540kg, Ann Conway £885/480kg, S Daly £880/490kg, £870/470kg, £870/480kg, L Todd £860/470kg, Hamilton Sayers £860/450kg, Brendan and Ryan Gormley £860/510kg, £855/570kg, Keith Cunningham £845/490kg,£820/520kg, Ann Conway £840/500kg, Hamiton Sayers £840/510kg, J Lynch £835/420kg, £820/400kg, L Todd £810/510kg, £800/460kg, Wilbet McNeill £800/530kg and B and R Gormley £800/450kg.


R Hancock £971.50/670kg, John McWilliams £855/750kg, Hamilton Sayers £782/680kg, Samuel McBeth £781/710kg, Hilary Derry £761.60/640kg and M Townley £67670/670kg.

Lisahally suckler sale: A flying trade on Saturday (October 12) as calves sold to great demand.

Prices as follows


Hugh O’Connor £830/420kg, T McLaughlin £810/310kg, J Kelly £805/460kg, Samuel Thompson £800/360kg, £800/340kg, £795/360kg, £780/360kg, £760/340kg, £730/340kg, Charlie McShane £795/410kg, J Kelly £795/430kg, Paul Proctor £780/400kg, Alison Gillespie £770/320kg, Hugh O’Connor £730/380kg, T McLaughlin £720/290kg, Gerald McWilliams £715/300kg, Gregory Cassidy £710/470kg, Alison Gillespie £710/270kg, Hugh O’Connor £705/360kg, T McLaughlin £700/290kg, Hugh O’Connor £700/340kg, Mervyn Scott £680/330kg, T McLaughlin £670/260kg, Gerald McWilliams £655/310kg, T McLaughlin £655/260kg,£635/250kg, J Dalton £650/290kg, £620/290kg Gerard Lynch £635/290kg, Paul Lusby £630/280kg and Samuel Miller £620/240kg.


D Murphy £820/320kg, £790/320kg, S Maguire £800/340kg, £790/350kg, Thomas Irons £690/270kg, James O’Connor £685/300kg, Mervyn Scott £655/330kg, Alison Gillespie £650/340kg, Paul Lusby £635/220kg, T McLaughlin £630/290kg, Paul Proctor £630/340kg, Samuel Miller £620/290kg, Gerald McWilliams £610/290kg, Hugh O’Connor £600/320kg, £600/320kg, £600/300kg, R Miller £600/340kg, Alison Gillespie £600/260kg, £590/240kg, Gerard Lynch £590/260kg, Samuel Miller £580/230kg, Alan Thompson £570/250kg, Lee McElhinney £570/290kg, Mervyn Scott £570/280kg, £560/280kg, T Irons £555/250kg and Raymond Nutt £550/200kg.

Ewe lambs sold to £97.

Fat lambs sold to £78.20, store lambs sold to £63 and fat ewes sold to £100.


M Duffy £78.20/25kg, Patrick Duffy £74/24kg, Reis Clarke £74/26kg, A Smyton £73/29kg, C Moran £72.80/25kg, John Watson £72.50/24kg,£722.50/24kg, W McConway £72.50/27kg, £72/25kg, Frank Johnston £72.20/27kg, £72.20/25kg, Hugh McGuinness £72/26kg, Liam Gormley £72/25kg, P Burton £71.80/23kg, C Daly £71.50/24kg, A Glenn £71.20/24kg, R and M Archibald £71/25kg, D C Young £71/24kg and G Begley £71/24kg.


James Black £97, £86, £84.50, £82 and £80.


J J Dalton £63, James Black £59.50, £59, £59, Reginald Hamilton £57, D Walker £51.50 and Gareth Tracey £51.


Patrick Duffy £100, John Brolly £75, John Watson £70, Sean Donaghy £66, D Walker £64.80, John Watson £61 and John Cutherbert £60.