Lisnaskea Mart: Bullocks selling from £169 to £199 per 100kg

Lisnaskea Mart
Lisnaskea Mart

Very favourable weather conditions and second cut silage in full swing produced a small entry of cattle at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales on Tuesday, July 23 however trade remains strong for all sorts with more stock required to meet demand.

This week store bullocks sold from £169 to £199 per 100kg for a 480kg to £955.

Weanling steers and bulls sold from £171 to £241 per 100kg for a 270kg Charolais to £650.

Weanling heifers sold from £191 to £211 per 100kg for a 280kg Charolais to £590.

Leading prices as follows:


Magheraveely producer 480kg Limousin to £955 (£199), 470kg Limousin to £920 (£196), 510kg Limousin to £930 (£182), 480kg Limousin to £870 (£181) and 470kg Limousin to £795 (£169).


Lisnaskea producer 420kg Charolais to £915 (£218), Lisnaskea producer 360kg Aberdeen Angus to £700. Newtownbutler producer 270kg Charolais to £650 (£241) and Magheraveely producer 310kg Aberdeen Angus to £530 (£171).


Lisnaskea producer 430kg Charolais to £820 (£191) and 370kg Charolais to £740 (£200) and Newtownbutler producer 280kg Charolais to £590 (£211).