Lleyn - the super versatile ewe

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The Lleyn has appeared in the top five breeds of breeding females according to a recent ELBEX survey.

Growing in popularity with a drive for farming systems to increase efficiency with easier care traits has seen the Lleyn reach 500,000 breeding ewes.

The Lleyn ewes are medium sized allowing more sheep to be kept per acre which makes them suitable for most management systems and are suitable for indoor or outdoor lambing. Lleyn ewes are valued for their maternal traits, tremendous mothering ability, ease of lambing, longevity and prolificacy with typical scanning percentages between 160% - 200% with achieving between 150%-200% of reared lambs at weaning. Increased prolificacy gives the ability for sheep farmers to maintain a closed flock by producing replacement females whilst improving flock health status.

Lleyn Sheep have proved to be an adaptable breed and suits either pure breeding or being crossed by most if not all terminal sires which results in premium quality lambs produced at between 18kg-21kg grading consistently at U or R grades.

Whilst the Lleyn is predominantly famed for being a versatile super ewe the Lleyn ram also has a place in sheep flocks used to inject maternal traits and hybrid vigour and they have become popular to produce a quality replacement female.

The 9th Annual Lleyn Sheep Society Show and Sale will be held on Saturday 12th September 2015 in Ballymena Livestock Market comprising of 780 Females and 40 Rams all eligible for immediate EU Export.

Pre sale show classes commence at 10am, sponsored by John Thompson & Sons Ltd. The sale commences at noon.