Lleyns in demand at Ballymena

The sale of Lleyn sheep at Ballymena was a sale where momentum took hold. All of the females were sold with trade stronger towards the end.

The shearling ewes set off cautiously for the first half a dozen pens but then the ring filled with more buyers and the momentum built. The ewe lambs saw a great trade when following on from the built up momentum.

A small selection of aged ewes were sold first with Alex Hegan, Comber, topping at £100/head for a pen of eight two year olds. These were purchased by Pat Bobbett, Lusk.

Next Crosby Cleland, Saintfield sold a pen of mixed two and three year olds for £92/head to Ryan McElhinney, Letterkenny.

Aubrey Bothwell, Maguiresbridge, topped the shearling ewe section when he sold a pen of ten for £180/head to Ryan McElhinney. Mr Bothwell then sold his second prize pen of five for £175/head to Fergal McKenna, Gortin, and another pen of ten for £172/head to James Nolan, Fenagh.

In the second half of this section shearling ewes were selling for £130 to £180/head.

Ewe lambs set off well with trade holding to the end. This section was topped by the first prize pen from R & E Edwards, Carrowdore, they sold for £130/head to B Cooper, Castlederg. Seamus Killen was next with a pen of five which sold for £128/head to Henry Gamble, Bangor.There were six different pens from different vendors sold at £125/head. In all, 42 out of the 49 pens of ewe lambs sold for £100/head or above.

Twenty seven out of the 34 rams forward were sold. Buyers were selective with size and skins proving the decision maker for most.

The Kennedy family, Ballyclare had a successful day.

Firstly C & A Kennedy sold the champion ram Mileview Darcy, sired by a homebred ram Mileview Glenariffe for 1,600gns to Adrian Dunne, Strabane. This was followed by the sale of Mileview Dart, sired by the same ram. He sold for 1350gns to Justin and Austin Morgan, Newry. J & C Kennedy sold Skilganaban Downtown sired by another homebred ram for 1300gns to Pat Bobbett, Lusk.


17 Ewes to £100 av. £88.24 (-11.29)

270 Shearling Ewes to £180 av. £147.17 (-3.08)

313 Ewe Lambs to £130 av. £109.46 (+9.46)

27 Rams to 1600gns av. £512.56

Top prices

Ewes: Alex Hegan £100; C Cleland £92; C Cleland £82

Shearling Ewes: A Bothwell £180; A Bothwell £175; J & C Kennedy £172; A Bothwell £172; C & A Kennedy £170; RJ Johnston £165; D Mullan £165; R Manson £162; C & A Kennedy £160; R Manson £160

Ewe lambs: R & E Edwards £130; S Killen £128; D Mullan £125; A Bothwell £125; S Killen £125 (x2); C Cleland £125; B Latimer £125; C Cleland £122; B Latimer £122

Rams: C & A Kennedy 1,600gns; C & A Kennedy 1,3050gns; J & C Kennedy 1,300gns; C & A Kennedy 700gns; D Mullan 700gns; A Bothwell 550gns; R & E Edwards 520gns; A Bothwell 520gns; B Latimer 520gns; B Latimer 450gns

Show results

Judge Peter Shields, Belmont

Pen of five Shearling Ewes: 1. RJ Johnston; 2. A Bothwell; 3. J Coulter; 4. D Mullan

Pen of five Ewe Lambs: 1. R & E Edwards; 2. J Coulter; 3. C & A Kennedy; 4. C Quigley

Aged ram: 1. A Bothwell (135); 2. C Cleland (131); 3. H Warden (146); 4. J Coulter (122)

Shearling ram: 1. C & A Kennedy (127); 2. S Killen (139); 3. C & J Kennedy (119); 4. R & E Edwards (110).