Local dairy farmers see the benefits of KAN

Liam and Sam Dunlop run the Slackwater Pedigree Holstein Herd near Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. They are currently milking 150 cows, and are constantly looking for ways to move their business forward and get more for less from their farm.

So, when they were approached by Andrew Morrison from United Feeds to try a new nitrogen fertiliser called KAN for their second cut silage in 2015, they were keen to have the opportunity to take a new approach to their fertiliser use.

From the start the Dunlops were attracted by the cost savings per unit of nitrogen from KAN compared with CAN, but what really convinced them was the performance that the product was achieving in both AFBI trials and on the numerous farms that had used it. Liam and Sam decided to use KAN exclusively as their source of nitrogen in 2016 and have experienced great results.

The benefits of KAN goes beyond cost per unit of N savings.

“Our improved silage quality allowed us to make savings on our concentrates; we were able to feed a slightly lower protein content, which in a period of low milk price has meant a huge amount to us,” said Liam.

A further advantage of using KAN is the time saved spreading a fertiliser with a high nitrogen content.

Liam and Sam are now using KAN 38N plus 19% sulphur for first cut. They then finish off with the straight nitrogen KAN 46 for second and third cut, as well as grazing. As part of the Dunlop’s production system, they grow some whole crop wheat and have found KAN to perform very well on these crops, leading to greater levels of growth.

KAN fertiliser is now available in a complete range of products and includes straight Nitrogen, Nitrogen plus Sulphur as well as NPK and Zero P products. For more information about a KAN fertiliser product that suits your farm contact your local United Feeds representative or their Customer Services Department on 028 9075 9000.