Lorry Tyre Sidewalls - the best heavy covers for silage

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PPP Lorry Tyre Sidewalls provide a cheap, effective means of applying weight to sheets and nets on top of silage clamps.

Old car tyres on silage pits are becoming a thing of the past. Car tyres are dirty, labour intensive, a filthy job which everyone hates and they no longer have a place on the modern dairy farm.

What is needed are heavy, secure clamp covers that don’t move and are easy to handle.

Nets alone are not heavy enough for dry forages especially on shoulders. Whilst Lorry Tyres Sidewalls or old car tyres apply in excess of 13 kg/m2 silage nets typically apply less than 0.33 kg/m2 to the silage clamp surface.

Silostop orange or black oxygen barrier film, protected with Silostop woven silage nets and weighted down with PPP Lorry Tyre Side Walls are a particularly effective silage clamp covering system which has the potential to reduce dry matter losses and spoilage far more effectively than other clamp sealing systems.

Silage is too valuable a resource to accept any avoidable waste or loss of feed value resulting from inadequate rolling, sheeting or sealing of silage clamp. For best results always use a good additive, a proven oxygen barrier film, a protective silage net and use lorry tyre side walls to apply weight over the entire surface of the pit.

Use Lorry Tyre Sidewalls on grass and maize silage, wholecrop and straw stacks.

Quality forages are too valuable a resource to waste. A three metre deep silage clamp containing 1800 tonnes of forage worth £50,000 can be covered by one load of tyre sidewalls.