Loughs Agency urges farmers to prevent silage effluent pollution

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The Loughs Agency has issued advice to farmers in a bid to prevent any further pollution incidents involving silage effluent.

It comes a week after around 1,000 fish were killed in an incident in the Faughan, in the Claudy area of Co Londondonderry.

Loughs Agency Education Officer Michael Cosgrove pointed out that the moisture content of the current grass crop is very high and without suitable weather conditions to allow wilting of the crop when cut, will give rise to a higher than usual flow of effluent when ensiled.

He added: “The Loughs Agency would ask the farming community to take this into consideration when harvesting the crop and ensure that they have adequate storage for the increased flow of effluent.

“The Loughs Agency would also appeal to the farming community to be extra vigilant and to check drains and sheughs/watercourses in the vicinity of silos to make sure that there are no underground leaks entering them,” he added.