Low cost recording using EID readers

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TGM Software Solutions is now selling the latest Agrident stick readers and including FREE software in the deal to enable users to record management data on their sheep flocks.

These new readers offer the same basic reading functions as most other stick reader brands. However, these sticks also include very comprehensive options to record the full range of sheep events, such as birth records, tupping, condition score, weighing etc.

George Megarry of TGM Software said: “I believe the Agrident sticks have a unique capability when used in conjunction with weigh scales. They now have a fully automatic, two way communications mode for weighing where the EID of the animal is read, weight is received from the weight scale, both EID and weight are stored in the stick and the stick is ready to read the next EID, without any user intervention – you do not have to press a button between each sheep.”

This works with a number of scales and means that at the end of work, the user can download all weights directly from the stick. There is no need to bring the weigh scale box to the computer.

With the Agrident sticks starting at £485 plus VAT including the free computer software, the system allows detailed recording at a very keen price.

A simple pocket printer is available for selling sheep. The stick sends the list of scanned numbers directly to the printer – there is no need to connect the stick to the computer. When selling all sheep, especially where tag numbers are random, this makes the reading and recording of the numbers easy and fast. For more information contact TGM Software on 92 689681.