MACHINERY: McConnel to unveil a major breakthrough in flail technology at LAMMA 2015

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The most important breakthrough in flail development in more than a decade will be unveiled at LAMMA 2015 with the launch of McConnel’s new F14 T-flail.

The F14 is the first heavy-duty T-flail which is equally adept at grass mowing, hedge-cutting, and the maintenance of mature three-year hedge growth.

Featuring a larger cutting area, an innovative hollow cavity design, and a wider shank, the F14 delivers a powerful and precise cutting action and is perfect for farmers and contractors who want a versatile flail which can handle both hedge-cutting and grass mowing.

Key features of the new F14 flail include:

Patented cavity design retains durability while minimising weight (Patent pending 1405860.6)

Rounded shank improves material flow and prevents grass wrap

Improved cutting angle on the leading edge delivers a cleaner more consistent cut

Double the flail overlap of the standard F10 T-flail

More mass generates a greater cutting momentum

Cast from tried and tested ADI steel for a stronger more durable flail

Exceptional cutting performance

Longer leading edge profile extends working life

Versatile flail that’s ideal for a wide variety of jobs

Compatible with McConnel’s best-selling Multicut rotor

One of the first customers to use the new flails is Devon contractor Robin Osman, who has been impressed with the performance of the F14s.

He said: “They are far superior to anything else on the market. McConnel has raised its game with these flails because whether I’m cutting grass, heavy vegetation or mature hedgerows they are fast and powerful, and always leave an immaculate finish.”

McConnel general manager Christian Davies explained the new flails would boost performance and durability, saying:

“For years McConnel’s standard F10 flail has proved efficient, reliable and cost effective for most jobs, but heavy-duty cutting and grass mowing has always demanded specialist flails.

“The F14 T-flail is the first flail that can do it all – enabling operators to tackle a wider variety of jobs while delivering an attractive finish and greater durability.”

The new flails will be equipped as standard on new 65, 70, and 85-Series Power Arms. Customers who wish to upgrade their existing flails should contact their local McConnel dealer.

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