MACHINERY: New Raycam twin disc fertiliser spreaders from JC machinery delivers precision

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The new Raycam twin disc fertiliser spreaders from JC Machinery tick all the right boxes for a good quality, good value for money and great performing machine.

Accuracy of spread is achieved with the twin disc spreaders delivering an economic use of materials with precise applications. The distribution unit (disc and gearbox) is made from stainless steel for added strength and handles granulated fertiliser and seed.

This tough and practical spreader has hoppers made from pressed polyester for durability and resistance to weather conditions. All the exposed metal and frames are submitted to an antioxidant treatment with pulverised paint, to minimise wear and tear.

The two models both have a 24m spread width. The smaller model has a hopper capacity of 1100 litres and a maximum load weight of 1500kg, running on a 540 PTO 50hp tractor. The larger model has a hopper capacity of 2500 litres, maximum weight load of 3095kg and is suitable for tractors 100hp and over.

John Campey Product Specialist for JC Machinery is in no doubt that this is going to be a popular choice for farmers looking for an efficient, straight forward spreader which will deliver on performance, be easy to maintain and economic to run.

John adds: “It’s an exciting development for us and will complement the other agricultural products we market.”

JC machinery supplies the Raycam spreader with a hopper agitator, a hydraulic aperture controller, a light kit and inner screen.

Prices start from only £3400 for the 1100 litre and £5650 for the 2500 litre version.

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