Machinery show abandoned after marquee collapses

A machinery show at the Maze has been abandoned for the day after part of a marquee collapsed.

It is understood that up to seven links of a large portable marquee collapsed shortly after 12noon due to the stormy conditions.

Damage to the Farm Machinery Show at Balmoral Park.

Damage to the Farm Machinery Show at Balmoral Park.

Ambulances were called and it is understood one man was taken to hospital after suffering a gash to his head.

Commenting on the incident at the show at the Maze, the chairman of the Agriculture Committee the DUP’s William Irwin MLA said: “Firstly my thoughts are with the gentlemen who was struck on the head and I understand he was taken to hospital, we all hope he makes a full and swift recovery. I have been informed that he had only stepped away from an exhibitors stand and was then struck by the marquee supports which had been dislodged by the strong winds.”

He added: “An exhibitor contacted me who was in the marquee and he was very shaken by this incident as large steel supports were literally flying everywhere and people really had to move fast to get out of the way.”

He concluded: “This is a very concerning incident and obviously the high winds and exposed nature of the site has led to a significant part of this marquee being blown apart.

“I will be making inquiries on this matter to see if more could have been done to better secure the structure given that high winds have been a feature of our weather in recent days.

“With so many people in the vicinity the exhibitor stated to me it could have been much, much worse as over lunch time the amount of people in the marquee was low.

“If the incident had occurred any earlier it could have been a very different outcome and hopefully lessons can be learned in terms of ensuring that in this type of weather these temporary structures are securely stayed to the ground.”

Watch a video of the damage caused to the marquee at the machinery show at the Maze.