Maintaining your machinery this harvest time

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A recent survey has found that farmers may be neglecting machinery maintenance putting their business at risk of expensive breakdowns this harvest time.

Machinery downtime during a harvest can be costly. HBC-radiomatic (UK), leading manufacturer of high-quality radio systems for wireless control machinery, has found that 40% of its radio-controlled units are not being regularly serviced and 15% do not have a back-up unit or even a spare battery.

The agricultural sector - once renowned for its reluctance to change - is becoming increasingly behind innovative technologies and new practices. Radio-controlled technology has been innovating the farming sector for some time now by helping to make farming processes more convenient and efficient.

Radio-controlled units can be found on a wide range of machinery in the agricultural sector from bale-wrapping machines and lettuce-picking production lines to harvesting machinery and tractors – bringing speed, accuracy and efficiency to traditional farming processes.

As the harvesting season approaches, it is important that all units used in the agricultural sector have been serviced and are ready for use as Sharon Evans, managing director at HBC-radiomatic (UK), explains: “We cannot control the weather this harvest season but we can control how our machinery performs.

“Taking precautions to minimise downtime during harvest time is essential and servicing your radio-controlled unit should form part of regular maintenance procedures. Farmers often take great care of their expensive large-scale machinery but can sometimes overlook the radio-control unit operating it.

“At HBC-radiomatic (UK) we know that there are units out in the field that have not been serviced for over 20 years. We recommend a once-a-year service for all units and doing this just before harvest season would be perfect timing for many farmers.”

As well as manufacturing units, HBC-radiomatic (UK) has been servicing units for many years and it has a dedicated, fully qualified servicing team to provide both on site and trade counter support.

HBC-radiomatic has been supplying units to the agricultural sector for more than 25 years.