Make sure your clamp is sealed by Visqueen

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Under commercial silage making conditions, IBERS cites that total dry matter losses of up to 25% can be experienced from field to feed-out, whilst in-silo losses of 5% to 18% are typical.

Losses on any scale impact forage returns and ultimately cost money but fortunately these outcomes can be avoided through careful clamp management.

The exclusion of oxygen from the clamp is a key factor in minimising losses so it is important that the clamp is protected through the application of high strength, durable silage sheets such as the Visqueen range.

Manufactured in the UK to rigorous production standards Visqueen silage sheets can create the ideal ensiling environment.

Known for their high strength, puncture resistance and excellent seal, Visqueen sheets benefit from the latest five layer blown extrusion technology during production. The five layer manufacturing process enables the most effective placement of raw materials within the film blend so that they reach those parts of the silage sheet where they are most needed. This ensures the UV stabilizers are on the outside to face the weather with the inner layers bearing the high strength and puncture resistance elements of these exceptionally strong sheets.

In recent years many farmers have taken to using an additional thin, low permeability sheet known as Visqueen Clingseal to enhance the air seal across the clamp face. This new generation clamp sheet sits directly beneath the traditional black silage sheet, where, thanks to its design it closely follows and ‘clings’ to the clamp surface. In doing so it prevents pockets of trapped air forming to significantly reduce aerobic spoilage on the top and shoulders.

By providing a highly effective air seal across the clamp face the innovative combination of Visqueen Agri-S and Visqueen Clingseal helps to create the right anaerobic conditions for the fast, efficient fermentation required to produce silage with good nutritional value.

The Visqueen range, a firm favourite of farmers in Northern Ireland for over 40 years, is now also available from Taylors (Fyfin) Ltd. Tel: 0288 167 1239.