Make your grass greener with Quad-X

Quad-X pro spreader
Quad-X pro spreader

Now in spring season the focus of most sheep farmers is on growing grass – the lifeblood of any livestock farm.

For many farmers, the wet weather can delay taking action... but not any more.

Quad-X based in Ballymena have been involved in the design and manufacture of ATV equipment for over 20 years.

The only way to carry out early sowing on many areas of pasture will be using an ATV.

Sowing is pointless unless it is accurate. With fertiliser/urea costing up to £300 a tonne, accuracy in application is essential. The Quad-X sowers have been developed to be adjustable for a more precise application, tray tested for accurate spreading.

The dished spinner and specially designed spinner vanes have been developed to give a spread up to 50ft with an even application for maximum results and minimum wastage.

The Quad-X sowers have been designed for our local conditions, using stainless steel components and seven stage finishing process for resistance to wet weather conditions and the corrosive nature of fertiliser. With a frame developed to be up to 85% stronger than all other competitors, and a triple bearing system on the axle, the Quad-X sower range is the most robust and durable in its class.

The Quad-X engineers are in tune with agriculture and have developed a range of sowers to be equipped for local conditions where they are often used in rough ground conditions, with high speed bikes and travel between outlying farms. Quad-X sowers offer the best investment with several models available.

The Quad-X Pro Spreader has the lowest fill height of any ATV fertiliser spreader and saves those back-breaking stretches to reach the hopper with 50kg bags balancing on your shoulder.

An average man can fill the Quad-X Pro Spreader 350kg sower with the bag lifted to between waist and chest height. The steel frame and hopper is strong and sturdy and avoids any problem of cracks that can appear in plastic hoppers. A mix of galvanised and plastic coated finish ensures excellent resistance to the corrosive nature of fertiliser. Its extra wide axle coupled with the low height of the hopper makes for a sower that is very stable. Flotation tyres make the sower suitable for softer ground.

The Quad-X Pro Spreader has a 350kg capacity with optional extension sides to carry 500kg or 600kg. It is ground driven and has an unrivalled spreading width, which is easily adjusted by regulating the towing vehicles speed.

Quad-X also offer a handy six bag Precision Spreader which supersedes the features of other lighter duty Italian imports, with features including knobby tyres, wider wheel base and dished stainless steel spinner for excellent spread widths and durability.

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