Making sustainable farming profitable

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In order to help farmers increase profitability through sustainable farming systems, Lakeland Agri are encouraging all milk suppliers and feed customers to avail of the various innovations and technologies available through their RumiSmart Sustain (RSS) feeding programme.

According to Alan Hurst, Technical and Product Manager at Lakeland Agri: “Our RumiSmart Sustain feeding programme has been developed to increase efficiencies inside the farm gate, which in turn, will deliver a higher level of profitability and more sustainable farming systems for the farmer and the environment.”

The RSS programme focuses on five key components including soils, forage production, nutrient supply management, rumen function and animal health.

With soil health at the core of sustainable farming, SoilSmart and ForageSmart have been designed to address all the key factors associated with the productivity of our soils. Lakeland Agri advise farmers on the introduction of practices which will increase the production potential of the soils and ensure the most efficient use of fertiliser and organic manures. To increase grass utilisation at farm level, they also provide guidance on soil compaction, targeted weed control programmes, and the use of grass measurement, budgeting and allocation.

The RSS programme also focuses on herd health, placing particular importance on nutrient supply management and rumen function. The NutriSmart component has been designed to supply the optimum level of nutrients to each category of the ruminant animal and avoid wastage of energy, protein and minerals.

The Lakeland Agri high specification feed range also contain a unique blend of RumiSmart yeast, buffers and essential oils, which provide the ideal conditions for microbial activity in the rumen and further enhance nutrient digestion and absorption. Lakeland Agri also use detailed forage and milk analysis to identify any mineral imbalances that exist and use the unique RSS mineral packages to address challenges at farm level.

“By working together, the unique components contained in the Lakeland RumiSmart programme will allow farmers to achieve a more sustainable and profitable future,” concludes Alan.