Markethill Mart: Good quality middleweight lambs sell to £74.50 each

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 2,320 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, August 14 sold in a slightly slower trade for fat lambs.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold to 348p per kilo paid for 21 kilos at £73.50 each followed 347p per kilo paid for 21.5 kilos at £74.50 each.

Heavy lamb trade sold to a top of £80 each.

Good quality heavies sold from 320p to 333p.

Store lamb trade was the firmest to date this season with light stores selling to 491p per kilo for 11 kilos at £54 each from a Draperstown farmer.

Stronger stores sold from 387p to 441p per kilo for 17 kilos at £75 each for a Middletown farmer.

440 cull ewes sold in a steady demand with good quality ewes selling from £80 to £105 each.

Poorer quality ewes from £50 to £75 each.

A large entry of breeding hoggets sold in a very stronger trade to a top of £185 each with further pens of hoggets selling from £150 to £170 each.

Older ewes sold from £78 to £148 each.


Tandragee farmer: 24k, £80, 333p; Hilltown producer: 24k, £80, 333p; Tandragee farmer: 24k, £79.20, 330p and Armagh farmer: 24k, £79, 329p.


Keady farmer: 21k, £73.50, 348p; Belleeks farmer: 21.5k, £74.50, 347p and Cullyhanna farmer: 23.2k, £80, 349p.


Draperstown farmer: 11k, £54, 491p; Middletown farmer: 17k, £75, 441p and Castlewellan farmer: 13k, £54.50, 422p.