Markethill Mart: Heavy cull ewes sell to a top of £115 each

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 900 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, July 3 returned a slightly firmer trade for lambs with cull ewe prices remaining exceptionally strong.

Middleweight lambs sold to 381p per kilo for 20.5 kilos at £78 each followed by 378p per kilo for 20 kilos at £75.50 each and up to £85.20 for 22.7 kilos at 375p per kilo.

Heavy lambs sold readily from £80 to £88 each paid for 28.4 kilos.

Main demand from £80 to £85.50 each with good quality heavies from 330p to 346p per kilo for 24 kilos at £83 each.

Store lambs sold to 447p per kilo for 15 kilos at £67 each followed by 407p per kilo for 30 lambs 15.6 kilos at £63.50 each.

Heavy cull ewes sold to a top of £115 each with main demand for fleshed ewes at £85 to £112 each and plainer ewes from £60 to £80 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Portadown farmer: 24k, £83, 346p; Armagh farmer: 24k, £83, 346p; Richhill producer: 24.4k, £83, 340p; Aughnacloy farmer: 24.5k, £83, 339p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 24.5k, £82.50, 337p; Portadown farmer: 25k, £83.20, 333p and Loughgilly farmer: 25.7k, £85.20, 332p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Dungannon farmer: 20.5k, £78, 381p; Benburb farmer: 20k, £75.50, 378p; Whitecross producer: 22.7k, £85.20, 375p; Corbet producer: 20k, £74, 370p; Camlough farmer: 20k, £74, 370p; Richhill farmer: 21.7k, £80, 369p; Annaclone farmer: 20.4k, £75, 368p and Keady farmer: 21.4k, £78.50, 367p.

STORES: Camlough farmer: 15k, £67, 447p; Camlough producer: 11k, £48, 436p; Mayobridge farmer: 15.6k, £63.50, 407p; Mayobridge farmer: 12.8k, £50, 391p; Mayobridge farmer: 16.9k, £65, 385p; Desertmartin producer: 17.3k, £65.50, 379p and Benburb farmer: 17k, £64, 376p.