Markethill Mart: Heavy lambs sell steadily from £88 to £93 each

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

A smaller entry of sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, May 22 continued to see lamb prices under pressure for the time of year however prices were similar to last week.

Light lambs sold from 380p to 420p per kilo for 20.7 kilos at £87 each followed by 409p per kilo for 21.5 kilos at £88 each.

Heavy lambs sold steadily from £88 to £93 each.

Top rate of 375p per kilo for 24k at £90 each followed by 373p per kilo for 24.9 kilos at £93 each.

An entry of 100 cull ewes sold from £70 to £85 each.

Plainer ewes from £50 to £65 each.

Doubles sold to a top of £202.

Singles sold to a top of £175 each.


Cullyhanna farmer: 20.7k, £87, 420p; Portadown producer: 21.5k, £88, 409p; Cullyhanna farmer: 23k, £90.50, 393p; Richhill farmer: 21.9k, £86, 393p; Newry producer: 22.9k, £89.50, 391p; Newry farmer: 22.4k, £87, 388p; Tandragee producer: 21.9k, £85, 388p and Armagh farmer: 22.5k, £87, 387p.


Portadown producer: 24k, £90, 375p; Jerrettspass farmer: 24.9k, £93, 373p; Tandragee farmer: 24.2k, £90, 372p; Keady farmer: 24k, £88, 367p; Armagh farmer: 24k, £88, 367p; Caledon producer: 24.5k, £89, 363p and Dorsey farmer: 24k, £87, 363p.