MARTS: Armoy

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Heavy snow kept the numbers down and the trade up with fat ewes selling to £134, fat hoggets sold up to £100, store lambs sold to £77.00.


Mathew Hepburn, 30kgs £100.

J E McCaughan, Armoy, 28kgs £92.00. J A McKillop, Cushendall, 30kgs £90.00. A B Wilson, Armoy, 27kgs £90.00. Robt Lynn, Ballymoney, 26kgs £88.80. B and A Dowey, Cullybackey, 26kgs £86.50. Alistair Getty, Bushmills, 25kgs £85.00. John McHenry, Mosside, 28kgs £87.00. Robinson Williamson, Coleraine, 24kgs £84.00. John Dobbin, Aughafatten, 24kgs £84.50.


R and M Milliken, Armoy, Texel’s £134. Adrian McCartney, Cloughmills, Texels, £129. David McNeill, Loughguile, Texels £128. Robt McCormick, Armoy, c/b’s £110. J Simpson, Armoy, Texels, £109. Declan McKillop, Loughguile, c/b’s £116. Chris McNaughton, Loughguile, Texel’s £136. J E McCaughan, Armoy, c/b’s £108. Martin McNeill, Cushendun, c/b’s, £100. Johnny Kane, Cushendall, c/b’s £97.00. R and M Milliken, Armoy, c/b’s £98.00. Paddy McSparran, Cushendun, c/b’s £90.00. J McHenry, Mosside, Texel’s £91.00. John Mulvenna, Glenarm, c/b’s £96.00. Robinson Williamson, Coleraine, c/b’s £88.00. Philip Laverty, Armoy, Texel’s £98.00. V McErlain, Armoy, Texel’s £96.00. Joan Gilliland, Antrim, c/b’s £92.00. J E McCaugan, Armoy, c/b’s £95.00. B McKay, Cushendun, c/b’s £85.00.Daniel McAllister, Ballyvoy, Cheviots, £89.00. J McHenry, Mosside, c/b’s £91.00. R and M Milliken, Armoy, c/b’s £98.00.


D McCaughey, Antrim, 24 Suff, £77.00, 14 c/b’s £69.00. J Dobbin, Aughafatten, 7 c/b’s £72.00. I Montgomery, Ballymena, 12 c/b’s £77.00. D McCaughey, Antrim, 15 b/f’s £62.00. Alan Dempster, Ballymoney, 7 Texel’s £68.80.

Sale every Wednesday night.

A very good show of 158 head on Monday Night in spite of the hardy weather conditions met with an outstanding trade. Steers sold to £1,460 for 670kgs, B/B, Heifers to £1,280, Breeding stock sold to £1,480, Fat cows to £1,085 for 690kgs.


J Thompson, Ballymoney, B/B, 670kgs £1,460. Drew Aiken, Colerain, B/B, 610kgs £1,300, 640kgs £1,270, 600kgs £1,230. Jas McKeever, Finvoy, Char, 640kgs £1,350. Jas Robinson, Dunloy, B/B, 540kgs £1,000. Ballymoney Producer, Friesians, 700kgs £1,275, Lim, 600kgs £1,375, 610kgs £1,245. D Aiken, Coleraine, FKV, 600kgs £1,100, 590kgs £1,100. Joe Dickson, Draperstown, Char, 325kgs £825. Sam Gaston, Dunloy, Lim, 330kgs £740, 335kgs £740. Ray Dunlop, Bushmills, Friesians, 580kgs £955, 505kgs £920. R Kirk, Bushmills, Lim, 390kgs £840. Ballymoney Producer, Friesians, 710kgs £1,285, 510kgs £960. G McGowan, Ballycastle, Friesian, 400kgs £695. Dan McBride, Ballyvoy, Lim, 310kgs £695. W J McMullan, Moyarget, Fries, 540kgs £960. A Kane, Mosside, Char, 400kgs £890, 440kgs £960. Jas McKeever, Finvoy, Char, 580kgs £1,160. Sam Gaston, Dunloy, Lim, 320kgs £710, 310kgs £680.


Ballyclare Farmer, A/A, 570kgs £1,280. R McGinley, Finvoy, Lim, 460kgs £1,085. R Douds, Cloughmills, B/B, 605kgs £1,175. Joe Dickson, Draperstown, Char, 400kgs £880, 400kgs £840. Vincent McGuckian, Dunloy, Lim, 450kgs £905. R McGinley, Finvoy, Lim, 470kgs £1,035. B Chambers, Ballycastle, Saler, 400kgs £825, 430kgs £880. Ballyclare Producer, A/A, 420kgs £905, 465kgs £950, 360kgs £850, 420kgs £880, 330kgs £825, 360kgs £830, 390kgs £880. R Douds, Cloughmills, B/B, 600kgs £940. Frank McBride, Ballycastle, Char, 350kgs £810. Vincent McGuckian, Dunloy, Lim, 380kgs £800. Jas G Robinson, Dunloy, B/B, 530kgs £970. R Kirk, Bushmills, Lim, 370kgs £615, 300kgs £690, 290kgs £685, 240kgs £625, 250kgs £650, 240kgs £650. Sam Gaston, Dunloy, Lim, 290kgs £625. R Milliken, Armoy, Sim, 280kgs £655. Joe Dickson, Draperstown, Char, 350kgs £780.


Joe Dickson, Draperstown, Aged cow/Bull calf, £1,480. County Down Producer, Heifer/Heifer calf at foot, £1,260, £1,260. 2nd Calver Bull Calf, £1,305, £1,360. J Dickson, Draperstown, Cow/Bull Calf £1,440.

Sale every Monday at 7pm.