MARTS: Armoy

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A smaller show of 108 cattle was on offer last Monday night due to bad road conditions.

Those on offer met with a very sharp trade. Steers sold to £1,410 for 600kgs, heifers to £1,200 for 600kgs, fat cows to £1,080 twice for 800kgs, suckler stock to £1,390.

STEERS: E & C White, Ballycastle, Lim, 600kgs £1,410, 610kgs £1,315, 620kgs £1,310. Jim Bannon, Larne, Lim, 580kgs £1,170. T Donnelly, Ballycastle, BGA, 480kgs £1,040. E & C White, Ballycastle, Lim, 600kgs £1,355, 570kgs £1,185. Drew Aiken, Coleraine, A/A, 605kgs £1,250, 615kgs £1,105, 580kgs £1,120. Pat McTague, Ballymoney, Friesians, 600kgs £995. Jas Mullan, Drumsurn, Lim, 330kgs £840, 280kgs £720, 300kgs £735. Joe Sloan, Rasharkin, Friesian, 700kgs £1,220, 670kgs £1,000. C Feeney, Claudy, A/A, 380kgs £930. John Darragh, Ballycastle, Lim, 400kgs £795, 360kgs £770, 290kgs £650, 295kgs £650. E & C White, Ballycastle, Lim, 480kgs £970.

HEIFERS: Jim Bannon, Larne, Lim, 600kgs £1,200, 580kgs £1,120. R McCaughan, Ballycastle, Lim, 480kgs £1,035. Jas McCaughan, Bushmills, 500kgs £1,100, 500kgs £1,020. R McGinley, Ballymoney, Lim, 550kgs £1,140, 450kgs £900, 460kgs £965, 430kgs £890. Derek Kane, Bushmills, A/A, 400kgs £800, 430kgs £990. Terry Donnelly, Ballycastle, BGA, 400kgs £795. J McGuckian, Randalstown, DAQ, 450kgs £815, 310kgs £670. Brian McCloskey, Loughguile, PAR, 380kgs £800. M Cochrane, Mosside, B/B, 600kgs £1,145. R McCaughan, Ballycastle, Lim 400kgs £880, 420kgs £800, 400kgs £805. C Feeney, Claudy, Lim, 310kgs £720.

SUCKLER STOCK: Hayes McCaughan, Ballymoney, 3rd Calver/Heifer calf, £1,390. J Stevenson, Armoy, cow/bull calf, £1,100.

FAT COWS: Robt McHenry, Ballycastle, 800kgs £1,080. Ronan McAfee, Ballymoney, Lim, 605kgs £890. M Cochrane, Mosside, Friesians, 565kgs £710. Wm McAuley, Cushendall, Sim, 690kgs £820, 660kgs £770. P McTague, Ballymoney, Friesians, 620kgs £905. G Barkley, Ballymoney, Lim, 800kgs £1,085. J Adair, Kells, Friesians, 560kgs £700.

Sale every Monday at 7pm. All types of cattle welcome.