MARTS: Clogher

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Severe weather conditions reduced the numbers this week in Clogher Mart however prices remain very strong in all sections.

In the fatstock ring beef cows and cow heifers sold to a top of £214 for a 670kg Lim. with a top twenty average of £172 per 100kg. Leading prices Brookeborough Producer 670kg to £214. Lisbellaw Producer 810kg to £196, 800kg to £182, and 670kg to £144. Crumlin Producer 500klg to £1905 and 530kg to £187. Rosslea Producer 710kg to £178, 750kg to £173, 710kg to £167 and 850kg to £158. Cookstown Producer 850kg to £174. Magheraveely P[roducer 680kg to £173. Lisnaskea Producer 770kg to £173. Fivemiletown Producer 550kg to £172. Newtownbutler Producer 720kg to £155. Castlederg Producer 660kg (Fries) to £154. Clogher Producer 810kg to £151. Donaghmore Producer 610kg to £145 twice. Stewartstown Producer 580kg to £144. Rosslea Producer 610kg to £144.

Other quality lots sold from £130 to £142 per 100kg.

2nd quality Lots sold from £112 to £128 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £107 to £118 per 100kg and selling to a top of £154 for 660kg.

Plainer lots sold from £85 to £105 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £62 to £78 per 100kg.


900kg Char. to £125 per 100kg

FAT STEERS (overage)

760kg Lim. to £209, 710kg Ch. to £206, 560kg Ch. to £200, 760kg Ch. to £196, 710kg S/H. to £192, 720kg Lim. to £184, 660kg Lim. to £180, 660kg Lim. to £178, 690kg Fr. to £170, 680kg Fr. to £168, 680kg Fr. to £164, 660kg Fr. to £146.

FAT STEERS (underage)

500kg Ch. to £206, 690kg Sim. to £197, 650kg Lim. to £189, 630kg Ch. to £181, 620kg Hol. to £167, 700kg Fr. to £165, 600kg Hol. to £162, 640kg Fkv. to £157, 650kg Hol. to £155, 630kg Fr. to £155, 620kg Hol. to £153, 650kg Hol. to £152, 660kg Fr. to £152, 580kg Fr. to £146.

FAT HEIFERS (underage)

490kg Lim.. to £203, 570kg Ch. to £199, 670kg Lim. to £197, 580kg Ch. to £196, 660kg Ch. to £191, 630kg Lim. to £187, 670kg Lim. to £184, 690kg Ch. to £182, 600kg Lim. to £180, 600kg Fr. to £156, 510kg Fr. to £156, 470kg Hol. to £146.


A very keen demand in this section with strong stores selling to £1530 for a 740kg AA. to Joe Keys Clogher. L J Gray Fermanagh sold 580kg Ch. to £1360, 610kg Ch. to £1355, 590kg Ch. to £1320, and 560kg to £1260. G Montgomery Craigavon 600kg to £1355, 630kg to £1345, 630kg to £1340, 580kg to £1325, 610kg to £1300, 580kg to £1295, 640kg to £1290, 580kg to £1270, 550kg to £1270, and 540kg to £1260. J J Callaghan Rosslea 590kg to £1310. A McKenzie Dungannon 610kg to £1295. R G Wallace Florencecourt 670kg S/H. to £1245.


J Keenan Fivemiletown 500kg to £1100 and 450kg to £1010. B McCarney Seskinore 490kg to £1075, 470kg to £1020, and 490kg to £950. A McKenzie Dungannon 500kg to £1065. D Murphy Rosslea 470kg to £1035 , 420kg to £960 and 470kg to £930. E O Neill Armagh 500kg to £1000 and 460kg to £925. S D Clarke Moneymore 480kg to £1000. W and A Reid Florencecourt 500kg to £960. J and J Crawford Clogher 450kg to £930, 460kg to £915, and 480kg to £905.


J Keenan Fivemiletown 350kg Ch. to £700.


A good steady demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1115 for a 570kg Ch. to S Quinn Magherafelt. L Clarke Moneymore sold a 580 Sim. to £1080. Dungannon Producer 550kg to £1055. D Nugent Cappagh Dgn. 530kg to £1055. M/S T and E O Hagan Eskra 520kg to £975.


D Nugent Cappagh Dgn. 500kg to £1055, 500kg to £1045, 500kg to £1005 and 480kg to £955. J Courtney Fermanagh 500kg to £990. M/S T and E O Hagan Eskra 440kg to £985. S D Clarke Moneymore 500kg to £945, 470kg to £905 and 450kg to £890. W J Shephard Crumlin 420kg to £915. M/S W and A Reid Florencecourt 420kg to £875. Dungannon Producer 430kg to £870, 430kg to £855 and 430kg to £820.


Dungannon Producer 370kg to £700. Newry Producer 400kg to £630, 380kg to £600. M/S T and E O Hagan Eskra 380kg to £620.


A very strong demand in this section with Steers and Bulls selling to £1100 for 390kg and 330kg to £835 for an Annaghmore Producer. B Cassidy Rosslea 450kg to £1060, 390kg to £960 and 300kg to £840. J Richardson Portadown 410kg to £985. O P Donnelly Augher 410kg to £960, 330kg to £860, 370kg to £850, and 330kg to £850. A Adams Fivemiletown 340kg to £925. Joe Donaghy Clogher 370kg to £925. E Cassidy Rosslea 350kg to £910 and 320kg to £895. J Elliott Fermanagh 330kg to £895. T Smyth Dromore (Ty) 310kg to £860. W R Adams Fivemiletown 300kg to £855, 290kg to £845, and 290kg to £840. J M McGovern Clogher 380kg to £820.


Kesh Producer 330kg to £910, 350kg to £870, 280kg to £690, 310kg to £640 and 270kg to £615. P Murphy Armagh 450kg to £910 and 390kg to £660. J Elliott Fermanagh 360kg to £870, 300kg to £735, and 300kg to £720. T Smyth Dromore (Ty) 310kg to £845, 330kg to £840, 350kg to £800, 310kg to £750 and 290kg to £670. J Richardson Portadown 280kg to £800. R Douglas Portadown 310kg to £740. J M McGovern Clogher 300kg to £680. C McDonald Ballygawley 340kg to £675. C J McKenna Clogher 230kg to £580.


Dairy stock this week sold to £1290 for a Calved Heifer from I Jardine Aughnacloy with another selling to £920. M/S A and V Emerson Dungannon sold a 3rd Calver (Ayr) to £1225. Ballygawley Producer £1090 for Calved Heifer.


Cullyhanna Producer £1450 for Ped .Reg. AA (born 15/06/11) and £1100 for Ped. Reg. AA. (born 03/03/08).


A smaller entry sold to a top of £1510 for a Heifer and Heifer Calf from B T Gardiner Tempo. K Moore Augher £1510 for Heifer with Bull Calf, £1300 for 2nd Calver with Bull Calf and £1270 for Heifer and Heifer Calf.


Newry Producer £970, J F Coyle £905, £865, £780, £720, £700, and £670 for aged Cows. Clogher Producer £795 for aged Cow.


Bull Calves (under 2 months) sold to £375 for a Lim. to D McManus Derrylin who sold a Fries to £295. P McGee Augher £370 and £335 for B/Bs. D McKenna Fintona £350 for Lim. D Capper Portadown £335 for Lim. Omagh Producer £320 for Ch. R Beacom Lisbellaw £300 for Her. and £278 for B/B.


B T Gardiner Tempo £360 for Sim. W H Stockdale Clogher £330 for B/B. and £255 for AA. R Beacom Lisbellaw £285 for B/B. and £250 for AA. Omagh Producer £260 for Lim. T J McKenna Ballygawley £250 for Her. D Capper Portadown £245 for Lim.


Paul McCann Coalisland £715, £690, £680, £665, and £458 for AAs. also £618 for Ch. J Armstrong Maguiresbridge £625 for Her. and £570 for AA. R McCann Coalisland £598 for Ch. C Finlay Aughnacloy £560 for Lim. R J Bleakley Fivemiletown £452 and £405 for Limms.


R McCann Coalisland £672, £620, £612, £570 for AAs. with £595 for Ch. and £590 for Sim. Paul Askin Augher £660 for B/B. £625 twice with £600 and £550 for Simms. A McBride Omagh £565 and £560 for Simms, £560 for AA. and £540 for Lim. C Finlay Aughnacloy £510 for AA.