MARTS: Clogher

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1015 cattle came under the hammer this week at Clogher Mart with an outstanding demand reported in all sections.

In the fatstock ring cow heifers sold to a top of £203 for 540kg Par. with a 560kg Par selling to £189. Beef Cows sold to £185 for 680kg, £183 for a 720kg B/Blue. and 178 for a 610kg Lim.

Leading prices: Kilkeel Producer 540kg to £203, 560kg to £189, and 580kg to £169. Fivemiletown Producer 680kg to £185, and 720kg to £183, Dungannon Producer 560kg to £184. and 930kg to £160. Clogher Producer 610kg to £178 twice. Plumbridge Producer 720kg to £174, 660kg to £168, and 690kg to £165. Aughnacloy Producer 440kg to £165. Augher Producer 710kg to £165540kg to £160 and 710kg to £160. Killylea Producer 710kg to £164. Clogher Producer 710kg to £163. Dungannon Producer 850kg to £163. Ballygawley Producer 770kg to £158. Pomeroy Producer 690kg to £156

Other quality lots sold from £135 to £153 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £117 to £132 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £120 to £141 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £88 to £114 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £67 to £80 per 100kg.


1080kg Lim. to £148, 890kg Lim. to £129, 1050kg Hol. to £115, 900kg Her. to £110, 880kg Ch. to £108, 1030kg Ch. to £107, 890kg Hol. to £102, 790kg Ayr. to £94.

FAT STEERS (overage)

610kg Ch. to £175, 590kg Lim. to £165, 690kg Lim. to £152, 570kg Lim. to £152, 570kg Lim. to £151, 680kg Lim. to £148, 640kg Fr. to £145, 640kg Lim. to £143, 680kg Unk. to £140, 500kg Fr. to £140, 600kg Lim. to £139, 970kg Sim. to £120.

FAT STEERS (underage)

550kg Ch. to £196, 610kg Daq. to £194, 690kg Ch. to £190, 650kg Sim. to £189, 650kg Ch. to £188, 660kg Fr. to £186, 710kg Sim. to £180, 650kg Ch. to £180, 660kg Ch. to £180, 750kg Ch. to £179, 700kg Ch. to £179, 590kg Ch. to £178, 630kg Lim. to £175, 710kg Lim. to £175, 610kg Ch. to £174, 440kg Hol. to £156, 400kg Hol. to £156.

FAT HEIFERS (underage)

590kg Lim. to £221, 650kg Lim. to £191, 460kg Lim. to £190, 720kg Sim. to £186, 460kg Ch. to £180, 460kg Ch. to £178, 470kg Lim. to £175, 600kg Hol. to £147, 520kg Hol. to £141, 480kg Hol. to £108, 440kg Fr. to £105, 520kg Fr. to £96, 480kg Hol. to £90.


A very good entry sold to a brisk demand with strong stores selling to £1470 for a 750kg AA. for M/S F J & M Maguire Rosslea. J & P Donnelly Armagh 750kg Ch. to £1410, 800kg Ch. to £1400 and 710kg Au. to £130. L Black Pomeroy 730kg Lim. to £1340 ,640kg Sim. to £1280, and 680kg Ch. to £1260. Clogher Producer 690kg to £1285, 620kg Ch. to £1275 and 640kg Ch. to £1260. D J & K Scott Armagh 640kg Lim. to £1280, 630kg Ch. to £1275, 630kg Lim. to £1270, and 610kg Ch. to £1255. M V McCrory Sixmilecross 650kg Ch. to £1280 and 590kg Ch. to £1270. Wm Black Pomeroy 760kg Ch. to £1280. F Gormley Omagh 620kg Ch. to £1275. E Boland Fintona 650kg Ch. to £1255.Clogher Producer 630kg Sim. to £1250.


Coalisland Producer 490kg Lim. to £1070. F McStay Lurgan 480kg Sim. to £1065, 480kg Daq. to £1045, and 490kg B/B. to £1040. M Trimble Fermanagh 500kg S/H. to £1060. R A Elliott Dungannon 500kg Ch. to £1060, 460kg Ch. to £1045, 450kg Ch. to £1025, and 460kg Ch. to £1015. J Holmes Fivemiletown 450kg Lim. to £1045. Joe Rafferty Enniskillen 460kg Lim. to £1010, 410kg Lim. to £1000, and 420kg Lim to £990. J Courtney Donaghmore 500kg B/B. to £1000. C McCombe Clogher 460kg Ch. to £1005, 440kg Ch. to £1005 and 430kg Ch. to £1000. Coalisland Producer 450kg Lim. to £995. Wm. Watson Tynan 480kg AA. to £990.


J Rafferty Enniskillen 400kg Lim. to £985.


A very sharp demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1335 for 560kg Daq., 570kg Lim. to £1300, and 600kg Ch. to £1280 for Lewis Potts Dungannon. Geo Potts Dungannon 590kg Ch. to £1255, 570kg Lim. to £1205, 580kg Lim. to £1195, 560kg Ch. to £1180, and 580kg Ch. to £1175. Wm. B Reihill Fermanagh 610kg Lim. to £1245. C Keys Fivemiletown 610kg Ch. to £1200. P D & P Leonard Fermanagh 580kg Ch. to £1200. B M Howell Fivemiletown 530kg Ch. to £1170. SMcAleer ONeill Omagh 520kg Lim. to £1160. P L Haugh Birches 550kg Lim. to £1140, 510kg Lim. to £1140, and 550kg Lim. to £1130. E O Neill Ballygawley 540kg Lim. to £1140. K McGuiggan Dungannon 530kg Ch. to £1130 and 520kg Ch. to £1105. G S Breen Tempo 530kg Lim. to £1105.


D McLaren Beragh 460kg B/B. to £1090. P L Haugh Birches 460kg AA. to £1090500kg Lim. to £1000, 440kg Lim. to £950, 500kg Lim. to £950 and 500kg Her. to £870. A Coyle Clogher 500kg Ch. to £1050, 480kg Ch. to £1040, 460kg Ch. to £995, 460kg Ch. to £960, 500kg Sim. to £950, 480kg Ch. to £950, and 460kg Ch. to £910. K McGuiggan Dungannon 460kg Ch. to £1025, 430kg Lim. to £965, and 420kg Ch. to £890. Nicola McGuiggan Dungannon 460kg Daq. to £1020. Harold Smith Ballygawley 500kg Lim. to £1000. and 420kg Ch. to £895.


Nicola McGuiggan Dungannon 390kg Daq. to £925. Coalisland Producer 380kg Lim. to £850. D McLaren Beragh 380kg Ch. to £805. Harold Smith Ballygawley 400kg Lim. to £765. P Cassidy Ballygawley 330kg Lim. to £630. I Harkness Cookstown 360kg Her. to £570.


A good turnout this week sold to a strong demand with Steers & Bulls selling to £1070 for a 530kg Ch. 430kg Ch. made £975, 440kg Ch. to £975, 410kg Lim. to £970, and 430kg Sim. to £875 for J McKernan Omagh. S McDonnell Ederney 550kg Ch. to £1035. B McKernan Omagh 430kg Ch. to £960. P J Monaghan Omagh 380kg Ch. to £955, 440kg Ch. to £945and 360kg Ch. to £930. J M McGovern Clogher 400kg Ch. to £950 and 350kg Lim. to £900. D J Primrose Fivemiletown 390kg Ch. to £945, 410kg Lim. to £910, and 410kg Lim. to £870. D J Barbour Fermanagh 380kg Ch. to £935. M & P Gleeson Fermanagh 380kg Ch. to £920 and 350kg Ch. to £865. A Irwin Fermanagh 360kg Ch. to £845.


P Connelly Kinawley 470kg Ch. to £900. B Bell Armagh 400kg Her. to £880, 450kg Ch. to £870, and 280kg Ch. to £760. R Watson Fivemiletown 440kg Ch. to £870. Clogher Producer 350kg B/B. to £840. W B Reihill Fermanagh 360kg Lim. to £815. S Armstrong Enniskillen 400kg Ch. to £800, 380kg Ch. to £790, and 370kg Ch. to £740. P J Monaghan 340kg Ch. to £800. D J Barbour Fermanagh 380kg Ch. to £795 eand 300kg Ch. to £680. M & P Gleeson Ferm,anagh 350kg Ch. to £770. A Mc Ginn Trillick 320kg Ch. to £755. B R Phair Fermanagh 360kg Par. to £750. D J Primrose Fivemiletown 340kg Ch. to £740. J M McGovern Clogher 310kg Lim. to £700. A Irwin Fermanagh 310kg Ch. to £685.


Trade in this section shows no signs of improving however N E J Watters Aughnacloy sold a Calved Heifer to make £1180. Jim Mohan Lisnaskea sold Calved Heifers to £1150 and £1155. Benburb Producer £1000 for Calved Heifer. Several other Calved Cows & Heifers sold from £640 to £970.


G Devenney £1700 for Ped. Reg Lim.


Another good entry sold easily to a brisk demand for quality lots with F McElroy Augher selling a Heifer & Heifer Calf to £2025 and a Heifer & Bull Calf to £1550. P Cassidy Augher £2005 for a Heifer & Bull Calf. H McCance Omagh £1550 for 06 Cow & Heifer Calf. J Monaghan Trillick £1470 for Heifer & Bull Calf. P J Bryson Eglinton £1410 for 2nd Calver & Heifer Calf. H Robinson Fivemiletown £1380 for 08 Cow & Bull Calf. T Steele Derrynoose £1355 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. K Donnelly Dungannon £1345 for 08 Cow & Heifer Calf. I L Nugent Dungannon £1240 for 07 Cow & Bull Calf. J Donnelly Trillick £1220 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. R Curry Knockeraven £1215 for 06 Cow & Bull Calf. Several other outfits sold from £875 to £1190.


A large entry sold to a strong demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £595 for a Ch. to P Maguire Tempo. N Thornton Enniskillen £558 for Her. S Doran Dungannon £475 for AA. and £450 for Her. B McSorley Fermanagh £465 for Lim. W T Watson Ballygawley £460 and £445 twice for B/Bs. P A & J Grue Fermanagh £420 for Ch. J R Graham Letterbreen £390 for Ch. N Corr Dungannon £388 for Sim.


DRJ Farms Sixmilecross £600 and £555 for Chars. O P Donnelly Augher £450 and £400 for Simms. W T Watson Ballygawley £420 and £385 for B/Bs.


DRJ Farms Sixmilecross £660 for Ch. and £550 for Par. K Moore Augher £640 for Ch. A McGovern Fermanagh £630 for Ch. M Lucy Enniskillen £600 and £560 for Chars and £565 for Lim. Hillside Farms Ltd. Omagh £600 for AA and £470 for Her. Fermanagh Producer £520 for AA. and £505 for Sim. J Little Tempo £520 for AA. Clogher Producer £515 for Ch. Pomeroy Producer £500 for Ch. and £485 for AA. D Allen Ballygawley £490 for Ch.


J Pickens Fintona 705 and £600 for Limms.and £580 for Ch. DRJ Farms Sixmilecross 640 and £600 for Chars. B McCarney Seskinore £630 for B/B. A McGovern Fermanagh £550 and £475 for Limms and £505 for Ch. K P Bogue Tempo £530 for Ch. K Moore Augher £525 for Ch.