MARTS: Clogher

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Another great entry of 1525 cattle came under the hammer at Clogher Mart this week as trade remains strong for quality lots in all sections. In the fatstock ring cow heifers topped £198 for a 680kg B/Blue and £188 for a 670kg Daq with beef cows to £182 for a 730kg B/Blue and £166 for a 700kg Daq.

Friesian cows sold to £118 per 100kg for 720kg.

Leading prices: Newtownstewart Producer 680kg to £198, 670kg to £188, 700kg to £166, and 690kg to £152. Augher Producer 620kg to £152. Lisbellaw Producer 730kg to £182 and 560kg to £152. Derrylin Producer 640kg to £178. Cookstown Producer 570kg to £172 and 470kg to £148.Fivemiletown Producer 650kg to £163. Dungannon Producer 560kg to £154 and 580kg to £153. Donaghmore Producer 650kg to £153. Augher Producer 670kg to £150. Clogher Producer 750kg to £150. Drumquin Producer 900kg to £147. Cookstown Producer 590kg to £147. Benburb Producer 700kg to £146. Dungannon Producer 740kg to £144.

Other quality lots sold from £122 to £141 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £105 to £120 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £110 to £118 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £72 to £94 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £44 to £68 per 100kg.


880kg Ch. to £122, 850kg Lim. to £121, 920kg Lim. to £115, 810kg Daq. to £108, 830kg Ch. to £106, 850kg Daq. to £106, 1100kg Ch. to £104, 920kg Ch. to £102 twice, 820kg Daq. to £97, 690kg Ayr. to £90.

FAT STEERS (overage)

690kg Sim. to £166, 730kg Lim. to £164, 670kg Lim. to £157, 710kg Ch. to £146, 610kg Fr. to £100, 480kg AA. to £98, 540kg Lim. to £98, 450kg AA. to £98 twice.

FAT STEERS (underage)

560kg Ch. to £195,. 590kg Ch. to £186, 630kg Ch. to £186, 450kg Ch. to £173, 640kg Sim. to £166, 500kg Sim. to £165, 470kg S/H to £164, 510kg Fr. to £148, 520kg Fr. to £148, 650kg Fkv. to £147, 530kg Fr. to £138, 540kg Fr. to £137, 490kg Fr. to £133.

FAT HEIFERS (underage)

520kg Lim. to £204, 610kg Ch. to £188, 570kg Sim. to £187, 470kg Ch. to £186, 410kg Her. to £175, 510kg Ch. to £169, 660kg Ch. to £167, 460kg Daq. to £161, 610kg Ch. to £156, 770kg Fr. to £152, 620kg Fr. to £149, 660kg Lim. to £146, 600kg Fr. to £139, 550kg Fr. to £110, 520kg Hol. to £102.


Another large entry sold readily with strong stores selling to £1410 for a 790kg Ch. 790kg Ch. to £1390, 780kg Shb. to £1375, 780kg Ch. to £1360, 720kg Ch. to £1320, 700kg Her. to £1300, and 610kg Lim. to £1290 for J McStravick Craigavon M McVeigh Dungannon 750kg Lim. to £1405 800kg Ch. to £1400, and 730kg Ch. to £1385. T A Willis Dungannon 690kg Ch. to £1375, 680kg Ch. to £1340, and 690kg Ch. to £1285. P O Neill Dungannon 730kg Lim. to £1360, 710kg Lim. to £1340 and 710kg Lim. to £1300. B Dawson Craigavon 720kg Ch. to £1330. P Donaghy Armagh 770kg Sim. to £1305. L & D Twinam Armagh 700kg Ch. to £1300.


Clogher Producer 490kg Lim. to £1030, 480kg Lim. to £990, 430kg Lim. to £950 and 490kg Lim. to £950. H McAnespie Aughnacloy 490kg Ch. to £1010, 500kg Chj. to £1000, and 490-kg Ch. to £955. H Donnelly Armagh 470kg Lim. to £995. DD& E McElroy Clogher 480kg Ch. to £990. Gardiner Bros Armagh 500kg Lim. to £990. B L Jenkinson Portadown 470kg AA. to £975. A & S Greer Gilford 450kg Ch. to £960


A good steady demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1350 for a 740kg Lim. to S Mellon Fintona. G Brodison Stewartstown 680kg Lim. to £1255, and 650kg Lim. to £1255. N Tierney Dungannon 650kg Lim. to £1245. R Keys Fivemiletown 640kg Ch. to £1240 and 600kg Ch. to £1195. M & J T Johnston Belleek 590kg Ch. to £1235, 580kg Ch. to £1215, 570kg Ch. to £1205 and 510kg Ch. to £1140. B Ryan Dungannon 530kg Ch. to £1220. D & D McElroy Clogher 590kg Ch. to £1205. G Potts Dungannon 590kg Ch. to £1200. G Foster Killylea 590kg Ch. to £1170. D Murray Magheralin 620kg Lim. to £1160 and 630kg Lim. to £1150. L Potts Dungannon 540kg Lim. to £1140.


M & J T Johnston Belleek 490kg Ch. to £1070, 470kg Ch. to £1070, 470kg Ch. to £930 and 450kg Ch. to £905. G Potts Dungannon 490kg Lim. to £1040. B Ryan Dungannon 490kg Lim. to £1020 and 460kg Lim. to £950. W R Adams Fivemiletown 480kg B/B. to £1010. A Adams Fivemiletown 470kg B/B. to £980 and 480kg B/B. to £960. E Nugent Dungannon 480kg Lim. to £970 and 470kg Lim. to £935. A & S Greer Gilford 460kg Ch. to £920.


G Moane Fivemiletown 380kg Ch. to £835, and 390kg to £830. R J Keenan Fivemiletown 380kg Lim. to £815. Carrickmore Producer 400kg Sim. to £795 and 380kg Lim. to £775. J Lynch Dungannon 390kg Lim. to £790. A McCarney Clogher 360kg Ch. to £755, 400kg Ch. to £750 and 340kg Ch. to £595.


A very keen demand in this section with Steers & Bulls selling to £1090 for a 550kg Lim to M Hawe Dungannon. B McClean Carrickmore sold a 450kg Ch. to £1020, 430kg Ch. to £940, and 390kg Ch. to £880. O R McElroy Augher 490kg B/B. to £970. R McSorley Ballygawley 400kg Lim. to £970and 350kg Ch. to £855. J Kearns Rosslea 430kg Ch. to £920. J Courtney Enniskillen 460kg Sim. to £890. D McKenna Clogher 390kg Ch. to £885. P McCallan Carrickmore 370kg Lim. to £880. M A Kennedy Clogher 390kg Lim. to £875. J McDonnell Fivemiletown 350kg Ch. to £875. C McDonnell Brokeborough 290kg Ch. to £875 and 330kg Ch. to £850.


P McKernan Omagh 480kg Lim. to £965, 490kg Lim. to £950, 420kg Ch. to £820, and 420kg Ch. to £815. J Teague Dromore 390kg Ch. to £900. H Monaghan Fivemiletown 400kg Ch. to £900. M Hawe Dungannon 440kg Lim. to £870. B L Kelly & Sons Dungannon 200kg Ch. to £845340kg Ch. to £790 and 340kg Ch. to £785. P J Monaghan Omagh 390kg Ch. to £810. M Hughes Keady 390kg Lim. to £805, 370kg Lim. to £770, 350kg Lim. to £750 and 380kg Lim. to £740. J M McGovern Clogher 340kg Lim. to £790. J Frizelle Ballygawley 350kg Lim. to £740.


Trade in this section was greatly improved this week with Banbridge Producer A Brown selling a Calved Heifer to £1330. J Mohan Lisnaskea sold a Calved Heifer to £1325. Dungannon Producer £1220, £1180 and £910 for Calved Heifers. Benburb Producer £1200 each for Calved Heifers. Craigavon Producer £1200, £1180 and £900 for Calved Heifers. S J Caldwell Castlederg £1150 and £1125 for Springing Heifers. Dungannon Producer £1000 for 2nd Calved Cow.

Special entry of pedigree reg AA. Bull for next week.


A good entry this week sold readily with a Newry Producer selling a Heifer & Bull Calf to £1910, Heifer & Bull Calf to £1570, 08 Cow & Heifer Calf to £1480 and 2nd Calver & Heifer Calf to £1350. M/S F & J OHare Kilkeel sold a Heifer & Bull Calf to £1700. R Halliday Armagh £1500 for 2nd Calver & Bu;ll Calf and £1300 for 3rd Calver & Bull Calf. P G Donnelly Omagh £1400 for 07 Cow & Heifer Calf. F Kelly Sixmilecross £1400 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. Fermanagh Producer £1370 for 2nd Calver & Bull Calf. Cherry Valley Farms Crumlin £1315 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. S M McSorley Beragh £1305 for Heifer & Bull Calf. Augher Producer £1255 for Heifer & Bull Calf. Several other outfits sold from £870 to £1180.


A larger entry this week sold to a good steady demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £600 for a Ch. to S McGovern Clogher. £520 went to K Moore Augher for a Sim. M Lagan Cookstown £405 for a Her. C McLaughlin Omagh £400 for S/H. J R Graham Letterbreen £395 for Ch. Dungannon Producer £390 for Daq. M/S D & F Anderson Irvinestown £365 for Lim.


C McLaughlin Omagh £435 for Lim, £410, £405, £402 twice, and £400 for S/Horns. K Moore Augher £370 for Lim. Magheraveely Producer £370 and £365 for Limms. Dungannon Producer £360, £355 for Limms and £340 for Ch.


N Bradley Omagh £715 for Ch. S McGovern Clogher £685 and £665 for Chars. Pomeroy Producer £680, £660, and £635 for Chars. G M Gauley Rosslea £550 for Ch. W R Ritchie Moneymore £550 and £510 for Limms. Augher Producer £520 for Ch, £520 and £515 for Simms, P J McM,enamin Drumquin £510, and £450 twice for AAs. S W Burleigh Florencecourt £500 for Ch. B Ward Dungannon £480 for Ch. K McKee Keady £480 for Lim.


S McGovern Clogher £600 for Ch. N Bradley Omagh £560 for Ch. Magheraveely Producer £510 for Ch. £445 for B/B. and £440 for AA. K Moore Augher £455 for B/B. and £430 for AA. W J Patterson Omagh £435 twice £410 and £400 for AAs. A Coulter Augher £402 for AA.