MARTS: Downpatrick

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At the fortnightly cattle sale on Monday night, there was an increased entry of light weight stores.

The top price per kg on the night went to a Newcastle farmer, for an outstanding Lim bullock at 238kg £675.00 ( 2.84ppk ). In the heavy weight bullocks category, a Seaford farmer presented a 512kg Lim £993.00 ( 1.94ppk ). In the heifer sections a Newcastle farmer presented a well breed Lim 230kg £600.00 ( 2.61ppk ). Leading prices as follows;


Newcastle farmer 238kg LIM £675 (2.84ppk) ,Ballynahinch farmer 236kg CH £615(2.61ppk),Newcastle farmer 286kg LIM £720(2.52ppk), Bright 306kg LIM £ 716 (2.34ppk) Ballyward farmer 314kg HER £720 (2.30ppk), Ballynoe farmer 362kg CH £810(2.24ppk), Leitrim farmer 342kg LIM £766(2.24ppk), Castlewellan farmer 330kg AA £735(2.23ppk) & 378kg LIM £820(2.17ppk) Ballynahinch farmer 400kg LIM £865(2.16ppk), Downpatrick farmer 364kg CH £780(2.14ppk)Seaford farmer 416kg LIM £844(2.03ppk), Leitrim farmer 390kg LIM £776 (1.99ppk), Seaford farmer 512kg LIM £993(1.94ppk), Castlewellan farmer 308kg CH £575 (1.87ppk) Ballyward farmer 336kg LIM £620(1.85ppk), Raholp farmer 348kg FR £575 (1.65ppk) & 380kg £585 FR (1.54ppk), Ardglass farmer 550kg DAQ £800(1.45ppk) & 284kg AA £354(1.43ppk).


Castlewellan farmer 230kg LIM £600 (2.61ppk)& 232kg LIM £605 (2.61ppk), Castlewellan farmer 288kg LIM £705(2.45ppk), & 240kg LIM £570 (2.38ppk) & 288kg LIM £680(2.36ppk), Castlewellan farmer 282kg LIM £665(2.36ppk), Saintfield farmer 286kg CH £664 (2.33ppk), Newcastle farmer 318kg LIM £730 (2.30ppk), Ballynoe farmer 330kg CH £739 (2.24ppk) Saintfield farmer 268kg Lim £589(2.20PPK) & Castlewellan farmer 336kg LIM £720(2.14ppk), Ballynoe farmer 356kg CH £760(2.13ppk), Castlewellan farmer 396kg LIM £825(2.08ppk) & Ballynahinch farmer 442kg LIM £866(1.96ppk), Saintfield farmer 226kg LIM £442 (1.96ppk) & Corbally farmer 312kg LIM £600 (1.94ppk).