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At the fortnightly cattle sale on Monday night 20th July, there was an outstanding entry of quality store and heavy cattle that sold to record breaking prices.

A Drumaness farmer toped the sale in two occasions firstly with a show potential BB bullock at 274kg £790(2.88ppk), followed up by shapely BB heifer 280kg £795(2.84ppk). In the heavy weight cattle category, a Loughinisland farmer presented a well-bred AA bullock at 508kg £1040 (2.04ppk) and second to this came an outstanding Ch heifer from a Saintfield producer at 562kg £1145 (2.03ppk). Leading prices in all categories as follows.

BULLOCKS: Drumaness farmer 274kg BB £790 (2.88ppk), Ballyward farmer 282kg LIM £785(2.78ppk), Drumaness farmer 282kg BB £770(2.73ppk), Ballyward farmer 294kg LIM £790(2.94ppk), Drumaness farmer 324kg BB £855(2.63ppk), Ballyhaninch farmer 278kg CH £930 (2.63ppk), Drumaness farmer 294kg BB £760(2.58ppk) and 342kg BB £880(2.40ppk), Loughinsland farmer 370kg BB £875(2.37ppk), Crossgar farmer 402kg LIM £945(2.35ppk), Drumaness farmer 372kg BB £870(2.34ppk), Seaforde farmer 452kg LIM £1035(2.29ppk), Clough farmer 316kg AA £719 (2.28ppk), Dromara farmer 330kg BB £750(2.27ppk), Loughinsland farmer 410kg LIM £910 (2.22ppk), Dromara farmer 434kg BB £945(2.17ppk), Crossgar farmer 290kg CH £630 (2.17ppk), Seaforde farmer 394kg AA £850(2.16ppk), Downpatrick farmer 488kg LIM £1050(2.15ppk), Drumaness farmer 458kg BB £975(2.13ppk) and 396kg bb £840 (2.12ppk) and 430kg LIM £900(2.09ppk), Ballynoe farmer 486kg CH £1014 (2.09ppk), Seaforde farmer 542kg CH £1089(2.01ppk), Loughinisland farmer 426kg AA £850(2.00ppk), Ballynoe farmer 520kg £1008(1.94ppk), Ballynoe farmer 568kg CH £1070(1.93ppk) and Bonecastle farmer 260kg LIM £500(1.92ppk)

HEIFERS: Drumaness farmer 280kg BB £795 (2.84ppk) and 304kg BB £ 864 ( 2.84), Bonecastle farmer 350kg CH £740(2.12ppk), Annalong farmer 280kg LIM £590(2.11ppk), Bonecastle farmer 362kg LIM £755 (2.09ppk), Newcastle farmer 374kg LIM £770 (2.06ppk), Ballynoe farmer 380kg CH £775 (2.04ppk) and 342kg CH £695(2.03ppk) and 203kg CH £695(2.03PPK), Saintfield producer 562kg Ch £1145 ( 2.03ppk), Annalong farmer 362kg LIM £735(2.03ppk), Glassdrummond farmer 340kg AA £675(1.99ppk),Strangford farmer 432kg LIM £845(1.96ppk), Ballynoe farmer 390kg CH £750(1.92ppk), Woodgrange farmer 298kg LIM £565 (1.90ppk), Ballynahinch farmer526kg LIM£965(1.84kg), Annadorn farmer 284kg SH £505 (1.78ppk), Ballynoe farmer 362kg CH £640(1.73ppk), Clough farmer 456kg CH £790 and 478kg AA £820(1.72ppk) and Drumaness farmer 420kg LIM £680(1.62ppk)

COWS AND BULLS: A Ballynoe farmer presented a six year old Limousin cow with bull calf at £1440 and a second six year old Limousine cow with heifer calf at £1100, A Drumaness farmer presented a twelve12 year old BB bull that sold to £1380.

At the weekly sheep sale on Saturday 18th July, fat lambs sold to £65.20 and fat ewes to £72.00.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Downpatrick farmer 24kg £65.20, Lissoid farmer 24.4kg £65 and 28.4kg £65, Castlescreen farmer 24.5kg £64.50, Annadorn farmer 28kg £64, Killough farmer 24kg £64, Erinagh farmer 23.4kg £64.00, Burrenreagh farmer 24kg £63.00, Downpatrick farmer 23kg £62.80, Castlewellan farmer 22kg £62.40, Erinagh farmer 24kg £61.75, Ballykinlar farmer 26kg £61.40, Ballyalton farmer 26kg £61.00, Crossgar farmer 22kg £59.20, Strangford farmer 21.9kg £59.60.

FAT EWES: Ballyrolly farmer £72, Bonecastle farmer £71, Ballycruttle farmer £71, Corbally farmer £61, Crossgar farmer £60, Castlewellan farmer £52, Annacloy farmer £52 and Killough farmer £50.