MARTS: Downpatrick

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At the now weekly cattle sale on Monday night 14th September 2015, there was a good entry of store cattle. Light weight cattle sold to (2.13ppk) paid for LIM bullock at 360kg £765 and heavy weight cattle sold to (1.85ppk) paid for a CH bullock at 618kg £1145. Leading prices in all categories as follows.


Castlewellan farmer 360kg LIM £765 (2.13ppk) Clough farmer 342kg LIM £725 (2.12ppk), Drumaness farmer 374kg SIM £790(2.11ppk, Loughinsland farmer 310kg LIM £650 (2.10ppk), Loughinsland farmer 352kg LIM £730(2.07ppk), Clough farmer 370kg BB 370kg £740 (2.00ppk) & 376kg LIM £750(1.99ppk) Drumaness farmer 444kg SIM £845(1.90ppk), Banbridge farmer 336kg DAQ £635 (1.89ppk), Clough farmer 362kg LIM £680(1.88PPK), Ardglass farmer 352kg LIM £660(1.86ppk), Crossgar farmer 618kg CH £1145(1.85ppk), Seaforde farmer 286kg HER £500(1.76ppk), Banbridge farmer 400kg DAQ £710 (1.76ppk), Ardglass farmer 526kg HER £880(1.67ppk), Crossgar farmer 508kg BB £820 (1.61ppk) and Annacloy farmer 546kg AA £865(1.59ppk)


Castlewellan farmer 368kg LIM £740(2.00ppk) and 336kg LIM £660 (1.96ppk), Drumaness farmer 380kg LIM £690 (1.82ppk), Raholp farmer 280kg HER £495(1.77ppk), Clough farmer 322kg LIM £540 (1.68ppk), Raholp farmer 286kg LIM £475 (1.66ppk) and 272kg SIM £450(1.65ppk).

At the weekly sheep sale on Saturday 12th September, fat lambs sold to £70.00 and fat ewes to £72.00.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:


Downpatrick farmer 30kg £70.00, Killough farmer 26kg £67, Strangford farmer 24.5kg £66.50, Kilclief farmer 25kg £66.00, Hillsborough farmer 25kg £66.50, Clough farmer 26kg £66.00, Downpatrick farmer 22.7kg £66.00, Dromara farmer 25g £66.50, Ballygowan farmer 24.5kg £65.50, Killyleagh farmer 25kg £65.50, Ballyculter farmer 24kg £65.00, Dundrum farmer 25kg £65.00, Ballynahinch farmer 26kg £64.50, Downpatrick farmer 25.8kg £64.50, Dromara farmer 24kg £64.00, Castlewellan farmer 22kg £63.50, Clough farmer 23kg £63.00, Castlewellan farmer 23kg £63.00, Crossgar farmer 23kg £63.00, Dundrum farmer 23kg £63.00, Ballyalton farmer 23kg £63.00, Castlewellan farmer 22.90kg £62.50 and Killinchy farmer 22kg £62.00.


Ballynahinch farmer £72.00, Ballykinlar farmer £67.50, Ballyalton farmer £67, Clough farmer £64, Crossgar farmer £62, Castlewellan farmer £60, Ballynahinch farmer £58.50, Clough farmer £56 and Portaferry farmer £56.