MARTS: Downpatrick


At the weekly sheep sale on Saturday 19th September, fat lambs sold to £70.00 and breeding ewes to £100.00 and fat ewes to £75.00.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Annacloy farmer 25.6kg £70.00, Annalong farmer 26kg £68.50, Lissoid farmer 23kg £68.00, Kilclief farmer 25kg £67.50, Saul farmer 25kg £66.00, Downpatrick farmer 25kg £66.00, Downpatrick farmer 25kg £66.0, Killough farmer 24kg £66.00, Castlewellan farmer 25kg £65.00, Kilclief farmer 23kg £64.00, Dromara farmer 23kg £64.50, Downpatrick farmer 23.5kg £63.50, Leitrim farmer 23kg £64.00, Ballyward farmer 23kg £64.00, Downpatrick farmer 23kg £63.50, Crossgar farmer 22kg £63.00, Kilclieffarmer 23kg £63.00, Ballynahinch farmer 22kg £62.50, Annacloy farmer 23kg £62.00, Dromara farmer 22kg £62.00, Castlewellanfarmer 20kg £60.00 and Dromara farmer 22kg £59.00.


Ballycruttle farmer £75, Ballyalton farmer £73, Ardglass farmer £70, Kilkeel farmer £66, Clough farmer £65, Crossgar farmer £64 and Annalong farmer £64.


Castlewellan farmer £100.00 & £90.00, Ballyward farmer £90.00, Annalong farmer £70.00.

RAMS: Annacloy farmer £195 and Crossgar farmer £152.

At the autumn seasonal weekly cattle sale on Monday night 21st September 2015, there was an average entry of store cattle. Heavy weight cattle sold to (2.04ppk) paid for CH bullock at 520kg £1060, while light weight heifers sold to (1.88ppk ) paid for a 400kg Lim at £750.00. Leading prices in all categories as follows:


Seaford farmer 520kg CH £1060 (2.04ppk) Clough farmer 520kg LIM £1040 (2.00ppk) and 540kg LIM £1060(1.96ppk), Loughinsland farmer 590kg LIM £1050 (1.78ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 240kg AA £395(1.65ppk), Clough farmer 504kg BB £790 (1.57ppk) and 296kg FR £435(1.47ppk) and 324kg FR £470 (1.45ppk) and 344kg FR £465 (1.35ppk).


Annacloy farmer 400kg LIM £750 (1.88ppk) and 484kg AA £870 (1.80ppk), Drumaness farmer 360kg AA £580 (1.61ppk), Raholp farmer 406kg SHB £630 (1.55ppk), Clough farmer 398kg AA £610 (1.53ppk), Raholp farmer 352kg SIM £535 (1.52ppk) and 290kg LIM £435 (1.60ppk).