MARTS: Downpatrick

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At the Friday night suckler calf sale on 30th October 2015, again there was a good entry of quality sucklers.

A Ballyward farmer presented a LIM calf at 198kg £575 (2.90ppk) and a Drumreagh farmer presented a CH heifer at 230kg £550(2.39ppk).

Leading prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Ballyward farmer 198kg LIM £575 (2.31ppk) Crossgar farmer 260kg CH £700 (2.69ppk), Drumreagh farmer 270kg LIM £690 (2.56ppk), Darraghcross farmer 250kg LIM £610 (2.44ppk), Magherlagan farmer CH £714 (2.35ppk), Burrenreagh farmer 316kg BB £725 (2.29ppk), Ballynoe farmer 336kg CH £770 (2.29ppk), Magherlagan farmer 290kg CH £660 (2.28ppk), Loughinisland farmer 230kg AA £520 (2.26ppk), Downpatrick farmer 328kg CH £735 (2.24ppk), Magherlagan farmer 316kg CH £699 (2.21ppk) and 328 CH £725 (2.21ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 318kg CH £700 (2.20ppk), Ballydonety farmer 344kg LIM £750 (2.18ppk), Downpatrick farmer 382kg CH £825 (2.16ppk), Burrenreagh farmer 390kg CH £825 (2.12ppk) and Glassdrummond farmer 240kg AA £500 (2.08ppk).

HEIFERS: Drumreagh farmer 230kg CH £550 (2.39ppk), Ballyward farmer 220kg LIM £520 (2.36ppk), Ballyward farmer 208kg LIM £485 (2.33ppk), Downpatrick farmer 228kg LIM £520 (2.28ppk) and 272 LIM £620 (2.28ppk) Ballynahinch farmer 260kg CH £570 (2.19ppk), Loughinisland farmer 296kg LIM £630 (2.13ppk),Crossgar farmer 274kg LIM £570 (2.08ppk) and 276kg LIM £565 (2.05ppk) and 296kg LIM £445 (2.02ppk) Drumreagh farmer 276 BB £555 (2.01ppk) and Crossgar farmer 266kg LIM £535 (2.01ppk).