MARTS: Draperstown

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Another excellent entry of stock sold to a strong trade throughout the sale. Bullocks £1250/620kg, heifers £1255/590kg, weanlings up to £875/410kg and fat cows £1131/780kg.


Maurice Stewart £1250/620kg, £1200/600kg, Michael McCourt £1240/660kg, W McKee £1225/650kg, John Downey £1220/620kg, £1200/600kg, £1195/620kg,John Kelly £1165/580KG, Seamus Kerr £1200/580kg, £1200/600kg, £1180/600kg, £1170/560kg, Alan Hutchinson £1190/590kg, £1170/620kg, £1145/560kg,£1160/560kg, William Hutchinson £1190/670kg, Ivan Bruce £1185/600kg, John Downey £1180/580kg, £1150/600kg, Seamus McAtamney £1160/520kg, £1135/550kg, Michael McCourt £1145/600kg, W McKee £1145/650kg, William Moore £1140/600kg, Wiliam Hutchinson £1140/660kg, J McCloskey £1150/540kg, £1140/540kg, Gareth Feeney £1135/600kg, £1115/500kg, Seamue Kerr £1125/550kg, Stewart Patterson £1115/590kg, John Kelly £1105/600kg, £1100/570kg, Seamus Kerr £1105/540kg, Alan Hutchinson £1100/540kg, Michael McCourt £1100/680kg, John Hogg £1100/550kg, John Downey £1100/640kg, William Moore £1095/610kg, £1070/500kg, Thomas Steele £1095/560kg, £1090/530kg, O Girvan £1090/580kg, Seamus Kerr £1080/520kg, £1075/550kg, John Downey £1080/550kg, £1070/530kg.


Brian McDermott £1255/590kg, £1170/570kg, £1155/570kg, £1085/530kg, W McKee £1255/720kg, £1110/620kg, Gareth Feeney £1140/550kg, £1080/500kg, £1080/530kg, £1075/53£1045/510kg, £1040/580kg, Martin Bradley £1095/510kg, O Girvan £1085/600kg, James Hogg £1080/600kg, Thomas Jeffers £1075/510kg, Joseph McNamee £1065/500kg, £1045/500kg, Thomas Savage £1050/620kg, Gareth Feeney £1040/500kg, Brian McDermott £1010/520kg, Joseph Doris ££1000/480kg, W McKee £1000/580kg, F Moore £1000/530kg, James Hogg £985/540kg, £950/500kg, Alan Hogg £980/470kg, Eric Dallas £980/530kg, Gareth Feeney £980/500kg, R Tomkins £980/540kg.


Brendan Hughes £835/400kg,James McLaughlin £700/310kg, £700/370kg, Pat McKenna £620/360kg, £615/300kg, £595/280kg, £565/280kg, Michael Mullan £615/280kg, Noel McFarland £525/280kg, Michael Mullan £500/240kg, £500/280kg.


Pat McKenna £875/410kg, I and A Sinclair £855/490kg, Noel McFarland £805/390kg, Stanley Ferguson £725/420kg, D and G McMaster £715/420kg, Stanley Ferguson £660/360kg, Noel McFarland £485/340kg.


James Bradley £1131/780kg, Ivan Bruce £1047.20/680kg, Kenneth Cairns £1002.80/920kg, James Bradley £988/760kg, Joseph Doris £966/690kg, William Keatley £901.70/710kg, Mervyn Murphy £868.70/730kg, Ivan Bruce £830.70/710kg, Patrick Loughran £826.80/520KG, C Kealey £802.30/710kg, James Bradley £795.20/710kg, Patrick McCann £788.80/580kg, Aidan McKinley £770/700kg, William Keatley £763/700kg, John Beattie £756/700kg, James Bradley £719.20/580kg, Kenneth Cairns £716.80/640kg.