MARTS: Draperstown

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Top prices paid for suckler calves on Tuesday with one of the best trades of the year. Male calves £900/380kg and heifer calves £820/290kg.


David Miller £900/380kg, £890/270kg, Helen Johnston £900/510kg, D O’Hagan £890/430kg, Shane O’Gara £870/380kg, Rose Corr £865/390kg, Francis Murphy £855/440kg, James Diamond £855/480kg, Helen Johnston £855/380kg, Michael McBride £850/350kg, £840/390kg, James Diamond £845/480kg, Francis Murphy £840/430kg, £835/300kg, £825/280kg, John McDaid £845/380kg, Ryan Mortimer £835/440kg, Shane O’Gara £830/360kg,£825/360kg, Drew Baxter £825/310kg, Rose Corr £810/280kg, James Diamond £805/310kg, £785/440kg, Ian Townley £805/330kg, Helen Johnston £800/400kg, John Logue £800/300kg, Michael McBride £800/310kg, Ryan Mortimer £800/380kg, Leslie Carson £795/370kg, Helen Johnston £785/290kg, £785/280kg,£785/440kg, John Stewart £785/320kg, Shane O’Gara £785/310kg, Kieran McFadden £780/350kg, Ian Townley £775/300kg, Drew Baxter £770/270kg, Michael McBride £770/320kg, D O’Hagan £770/280kg.


C Scott £820/290kg,Drew Baxter £780/290kg, Helen Johnston £780/300kg, Shane O’Gara £765/300kg, Rose Corr £740/290kg, £715/360kg, John Logue £740/350kg, Michael McBride £730/33kg, £710/280kg, £700/240kg, £700/330kg, Michael McCullagh £730/310kg, Helen Johnston £700/260kg, James Duffy £690/310kg, Shane O’Gara £680/300kg, £675/320kg, £645/350kg, Drew Baxter £660/270kg, Thomas McAllistair £650/350kg, Martin McCullagh £640/320kg.