MARTS: Enniskillen

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A seasonal entry of cattle on offer last week at Enniskillen

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 210 to 275ppk for a CH 398kg at 1095, medium weights sold from 200 to 246kg ppk for a CH 436g at 1075. Heavy lots selling from 190ppk to 213pk for a CH 524kg at 1115.

Bullocks: Macken producer 398kg at 1095 CH, Derrygonnelly producer 364kg at 915 CH, Macken producer 436kg at 1075 CH, Lisbellaw producer 424kg at 1025 CH, Letterbreen producer 432kg at 1080 CH, Derrygonnelly producer 434kg at 1020 CH, Macken producer 460kg at 1075 CH, Lisbellaw producer 450kg at 1005 CH, Ballinamallard producer 548kg at 1170 CH, Ballinamallard producer 554kg at 1150 CH and Ballinamallard producer 524kg at 1115 CH.

Weanling prices

In the weanling ring Steers and bulls sold from £600 to £920 for a 375kg CH while heifers ranged from £550 to £890 for a 329kg CH.

Ruling prices

Kinawley producer 263kg LIM bull at 750, 267kg LIM bull at 760, 264kg LIM bull at 700, Derrylin producer 329kg CH steer at 890, 281kg CH hfr at 710, 318kg CH hfr at 750, Garrison producer 236kg SIM bull at 590, 238kg CH bull at 715, 220kg LIM hfr at 540, Kesh producer 316kg CH hfr at 800, 280kg CH bull at 750, Ballinamallard producer 352kg CH hfr at 750, 352kg CH bull at 780, 301kg CH hfr at 720, 324kg CH hfr at 780. Enniskillen producer 277kg CH hfr at 615,

Ballinamallard producer 340kg CH bull at 790, 324kg CH bull at 780, 290kg CH bull at 755, Letterbreen producer 380kg CH bull at 900, Derrygonnelly producer 268kg CH bull at 840.

Calf prices

Enniskillen producer BB bull, at 400, Tempo producer BB bull at 370, Derrygonnelly producer SIM hfr at 350, Kinawley producer LIM hfr at 335, Tempo producer LIM hfr at 325, Springfield producer CH hfr at 330, Kinawley producer LIM hfr at 310, Florencecourt producer AA bull at 258, Florencecourt producer AA bull at 255, Macken producer FR bull at 70, Derrylin producer FR bull at 80.

Suckler cows

Derrygonnelly producer AA cow with bull at 1450, Drumcose producer FR cow with bull calf at 1410, Derrygonnelly producer SPR CH cow at 1500, Maguiresbridge producer BB cow with hfr calf at 1360, Newtownbutler producer HERE cow with bull calf at 1270, Trillick producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1200.


Lisnaskea producer 600kg at 1175 CH, Lisnaskea producer 570kg at 1165 CH, Roslea producer 580kg at 1160 CH, Roslea producer 570kg at 1130 CH, Trillick producer 580kg at 1155 CH, Tamlaght producer 514kg at 1045 CH, Monea producer 500kg at 1015 CH, Belcoo producer 490kg at 990 CH, Belcoo producer 429kg at 900 CH, Belcoo producer 375kg at 875 CH, Macken producer 328kg at 805 CH, Macken producer 350kg at 795 CH.

Fat cows

Newtownbutler producer CH 830kg at 1075, Kesh producer CH 744kg at 1000, Tempo producer CH 658kg at 960, Belcoo producer CH 682kg at 995, Lisbellaw producer CH 600kg at 865, Lisbellaw producer CH 576kg at 845, Tempo producer CH 578kg at 805, Tempo producer FR 750kg at 775, Springfield producer AA 690kg at 860.