MARTS: Enniskillen

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A tremendous trade in all rings at Thursday’s cattle sales, in the bullock ring lightweights sold from 220 to 295ppk for a CH 302kg at 860, medium weights sold from 210 to 270kg ppk for a CH 400g at 1080. Heavy lots selling from 200ppk to 232pk for a CH 534kg at 1240.

Selling up to 1540 per head.

Bullocks: Derrylin producer 302kg at 860 CH. Florencecourt producer 375kg at 1025 CH. Derrylin producer 280kg at 760 CH. Gorteen producer 382kg at 1030 CH. Gorteen producer 350kg at 940 CH. Gorteen producer 362kg at 960 CH. Lisnaskea producer 390kg at 980 CH. Derrylin producer 370kg at 920 CH. Derrylin producer 396kg at 970 CH. Florencecourt producer 400kg at 1080 CH. Enniskillen producer 422kg at 1035 CH. Enniskillen producer 436kg at 1050 CH. Roslea producer 768kg at 1540 CH. Lisbellaw producer 670kg at 1425 CH. Springfield producer 662kg at 1360 CH. Kesh producer 674kg at 1390 CH. Irvinestown producer 660kg at 1350 CH. Fivemiletown producer 656kg at 1385 CH. Enniskillen producer 724kg at 1390 SIM.

Weanling prices: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £620 to £1200 for a 361kg CH while heifers ranged from £550 to £890 for a 342kg LIM.

Ruling prices: Kesh producer 361kg CH bull at 1200, 342kg LIM hfr at 890, 269kg LIM hfr at 690, 321kg LIM hfr at 795, Enniskillen producer 417kg CH steer at 1060, 418kg LIM steer at 925, 369kg CH bull at 925, Kinawley producer 281kg CH steer at 815, 280kg CH hfr at 720, 314kg CH bull at 905, 334kg CH bull at 910, Garrison producer 415kg LIM bull at 880, 305 LIM bull at 805, 373kg LIM bull at 900, 337kg LIM bull at 830 Brookeborough producer 407kg CH bull at 925, 350 CH bull at 905, Ederney producer 296kg CH hfr at760, 313kg CH bull at 800, 276kg LIM hfr at 700, 310kg CH hfr at 790, Irvinestown producer 241kg LIM bull at 620, 294kg CH bull at 820, 295kg CH hfr at 735, Castlederg producer 238kg LIM steer at 710, 269kg CH steer at 735, Fintona producer 245kg CH steer at 640, 318kg CH hfr at 820, 335kg CH hfr at 770.

Calf prices: Lisbellaw producer BB bull, at 430, Letterbreen producer AA bull at 350, Lisbellaw producer AA bull at 340, Derrylin producer HERE bull at 330, Balllinamallard producer AA bull at 335, Ballinamallard producer AA bull at 322, Letterbreen producer AA bull at 320, Lisbellaw producer BB bull at 325

Brookbouragh producer FR bull at 70. Lisbellaw producer FR bull at 65.

Suckler cows: Maguiresbridge producer LIM cow with bull at 2000, Florencecourt producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1700, Derrylin producer LIM cow with hfr at 1500, Derrylin producer LIM cow with hfr at 1410, Derrylin producer SPR CH cow at 1300, Derrylin producer SPR SIM cow at 1300, Derrylin producer SPR LIM cow at 1270, Derrylin producer SPR BB cow at 1250, Derrylin producer SPR LIM cow at 1160, Derrylin producer SPR LIM cow at 1120.


Derrylin producer 650kg at 1390 CH, Derrylin producer 580kg at 1280 CH, Newtownbutler producer 600kg at 1290 CH, Newtownbutler producer 580kg at 1205 CH, Kesh producer 570kg at 1185 CH, Derrygonnelly producer 590kg at 1180 CH, Letterbreen producer 600kg at 1190 CH, Letterbreen producer 510kg at 1100 CH, Letterbreen producer 480kg at 1050 CH, Letterbreen producer 453kg at 995 CH, Newtownbutler producer CH 520kg at 1150, Newtownbutler producer CH 520kg at 1110, Trillick producer CH 570kg at 1210, Letterbreen producer CH 470kg at 1045, Florencecourt producer CH 380kg at 825.