MARTS: Enniskillen

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A reduced entry on offer this week, due to the weather.

Trade remained strong in all rings. In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 200 to 224ppk for a CH 382kg at £855, medium weights sold from 200 to 230kg ppk for a CH 470g at £1080. Heavy lots selling from 190ppk to 224pk for a CH 596kg at £1335 and selling up to £1535.

Bullocks: Fivemiletown producer 470kg at 1080 CH, Kesh producer 470kg at 1080 CH, Derrylin producer 476kg at 1090 CH, Enniskillen producer 596kg at 1335 CH, Lisnaskea producer 382kg at 855 CH, Kesh producer 570kg at 1270 CH, Derrylin producer 646kg at 1415 CH, Enniskillen producer 584kg at 1275 CH, Enniskillen producer 592kg at 1290 CH, Enniskillen producer 588kg at 1275 CH, Enniskillen producer 546kg at 1190 CH, Enniskillen producer 622kg at 1345 CH, Brookeborough producer 688kg at 1470 LIM.

Weanling prices: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £600 to £1050 for a 446kg CH while heifers ranged from £540 to £920 for a 383kg CH.

Ruling prices: Derrylin producer 299kg CH hfr at 800, 303kg LIM hfr at 805, 304kg LIM hfr at 810, 392kg CH bull at 995, Kesh producer 304kg CH bull at 835, 365kg CH steer at 860, Tempo producer 405kg SIM bull at 900, 304kg CH hfr at 730, 337kg LIM bull at 790, 288kg CH hfr at 735, Enniskillen producer 291kg SIM bull at 820, 259 CH bull at 730, 281kg CH bull at 780, Newtownbutler producer 431kg CH bull at 980, 381 CH bull at 970, Belcoo producer 446kg CH bull at 1050, 391kg CH bull at 875, 299kg LIM bull at 790, Belleek producer 226kg CH hfr at 550, 269kg CH hfr at 650, 225kg CH bulll at 670.

Calf prices: Ballinamallard producer LIM bull at 340, Ballinamallard producer LIM bull at 300, Kesh producer AA hfr at 225, Derrygonnelly producer FR bull at 145, Brookeborough producer FR bull at 110, Ballinamallard producer FR bull at 75.

Suckler cows: Drumquin producer HERE cow with hfr at 1480, Enniskillen producer AA cow with bull at 1460, Enniskillen producer HERE cow with bull at 1450, Derrylin producer CH cow with bull at 1450, Enniskillen producer LIM cow with hfr at 1340, Kesh producer LIM hfr with bull at 1300.

HEIFERS: Coa producer 600kg at 1270 CH, Fivemiletown producer 567kg at 1250 CH, Fivemiletown producer 570kg at 1240 CH, Fivemiletown producer 500kg at 1180 CH, Fivemiletown producer 497kg at 1110 CH, Fivemiletown producer 480kg at 1080 CH, Coa producer 580kg at 1210 CH, Coa producer 550kg at 1195 CH, Coa producer 520kg at 1140 CH.

FAT COWS: Macken producer 780kg at 1515 CH, Florencecourt producer 980kg at 1515 CH, Florencecourt producer 722kg at 1345 CH, Irvinestown producer 820kg at 1275 CH, Tamlaght producer 650kg at 1145 CH, Florencecourt producer 680kg at 1110 CH.