MARTS: Enniskillen

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1000 cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales with a record number of buyers present in the bullock ring, lightweights sold from 220 to 294ppk for a CH 272kg at £800, medium weights sold from 210 to 263kg ppk for a CH 426g at £1120.

Heavy lots sold from 190ppk to 231pk for a CH 506kg at £1170 and selling up to £1460 per head. The 350 store bullocks sold averaged £1070 per head.

BULLOCKS: Light weights - Ballinamallard producer 272kg at 800 CH, Ballinamallard producer 308kg at 865 CH, Culkey producer 376kg at 1025 LIM, Culkey producer 362kg at 985 CH, Culkey producer 394kg at 1050 CH, Culkey producer 360kg at 960 CH, Culkey producer 346kg at 900 CH, Clogher producer 262kg at 685 CH, Brookeborough producer 370kg at 970 CH, Clogher producer 354kg at 925 CH.

Medium weights: Maguiresbridge producer 426kg at 1120 CH, Dungannon producer 402kg at 1050 CH, Culkey producer 406kg at 1050 CH, Dungannon producer 404kg at 1045 CH, Garvary producer 406kg at 1035 CH, Culkey producer 422kg at 1070 CH.

Heavy weights: Derrygonnelly producer 506kg at 1170 CH, Roscor producer 614kg at 1405 CH, Leggs producer 642kg at 1415 BB, Macken producer 560kg at 1235 CH, Newtownbutler producer 564kg at 1240 LIM, Lisburn producer 568kg at 1250 LIM, Lisburn producer 622kg at 1355 CH, Lisburn producer 548kg at 1225 CH, Lisburn producer 578kg at 1290 CH, Lisburn producer 622kg at 1355 CH.

WEANLINGS:In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1020 paid for a 350kg LIM while heifers ranged from £550 to £850 for a 358kg CH.

Ruling prices: Derrygonnelly producer 317kg CH hfr at 760, 257kg CH steer at 750, 293kg CH hfr at 780, 296kg CH steer at 815, Tempo producer 313kg CH hfr at 750, 358kg CH hfr at 850, Enniskillen producer 400kg CH bull at 975, 364kg CH bull at 850, Kesh producer 328kg CH steer at 900, 283kg CH steer at 810, 293kg CH steer at 850, 316kg CH steer at 830, Letterbreen producer 177kg BB hfr at 505, 328kg BB bull at 795, Ederney producer 325kg CH bull at 850, 332kg CH bull at 840, Garrison producer 286kg CH hfr at 830, 299kg CH bull at 855, 295kg LIM hfr at 720, 350kg LIM bull at 1020, 303kg CH hfr at 740, 305 CH steer at 820, 372 CH steer at 1010, Irvinestown producer 378kg CH hfr at 950, 288kg CH bull at 755, 353 CH hfr at 765, 318kg LIM hfr at 910, 318kg LIM hfr at 990, 317kg LIM hfr at 780, Belleek producer 333kg CH bull at 825, 326kg CH bull at 870, 255kg CH hfr at 735, 234kg CH hfr at 700, Derrylin producer 362kg CH hfr at 840, 350kg CH hfr at 845, 203kg BB bull at 670, 292 CH bull at 880, Newtownbutler producer 314kg LIM bull at 810, 323kg LIM bull at 800, 398 LIM bull at 940, Castlederg producer 225 kg CH hfr at 600, 247kg CH hfr at 590, 275kg CH hfr at 675.

CALVES: Derrygonnelly producer CH bull at 465, Leggs producer CH hfr at 400, Monea producer LIM bull at 390, Lisbellaw producer FKV bull at 350, Maguiresbridge producer BB hfr at 310, Leggs producer CH bull at 350, Lisbellaw producer AA bull at 325, Maguiresbridge producer BB hfr at 310, Leggs producer HER hfr at 310, Lisnaskea producer HER bull at 305, Lisbellaw producer FR bull at 88, Lisnaskea producer FR bull at 78, Lisnaskea producer FR bull at 70.

SUCKLER COWS: Boho producer LIM hfr with hfr calf at 1790, Derrygonnelly producer SIM cow with hfr calf at 1610, Enniskillen producer SPR CH cow at 1260, Churchill producer HER cow with bull calf at 1230, Derrygonnelly producer CH cow with hfr at 1180, Churchill producer HER cow with hfr at 1130, Boho producer CH bull at 1900.

HEIFERS: Ballinamallard producer 550kg at 1130 CH, Ballinamallard producer 500kg at 1070 CH, Ballinamallard producer 413kg at 985 CH, Ballinamallard producer 530kg at 1110 DAQ, Ballinamallard producer 490kg at 1040 DAQ, Lisnaskea producer 560kg at 1160 CH, Lisnaskea producer 534kg at 1140 CH, Lisnaskea producer 524kg at 1095 CH, Lisnaskea producer 379kg at 1040 CH, Macken producer 450kg at 1025 CH, Macken producer 460kg at 1005 CH.

FAT COWS: Lisbellaw producer 820kg at 1100 CH, Kesh producer 746kg at 1160 CH, Lisnaskea producer 868kg at 1420 LIM bull, Belleek producer 540kg at 850 CH, Derrygonnelly producer 640kg at 990 CH, Trillick producer 610kg at 845 CH.