MARTS: Enniskillen


A smaller summer sale at Enniskillen on a sunny silage making day.

In the Bullock Ring Lightweights sold from 200 to 215p/kg for a 395kg LIM at 850. Mediumweights sold from 195 to 204p/kg for a CH 452kg LIM at £925. Heavy lots sold from 188 to 200p/kg for a 598kg SIM at 1200 and up to 1345/head.


Bellanaleck producer 592kg at 1110 SIM, Bellanaleck producer 598kg at 1200 SIM, Kinawley producer 618kg at 1215 CH, Kinawley producer 490kg at 970 CH, Kinawley producer 574kg at 1120 SIM, Kinawley producer 564kg at 1090 SIM, Kinawley producer 504kg at 1020 SIM, Brookeborough producer 714kg at 1285 SHB, Brookeborough producer 688kg at 1290 CH, Derrygonnelly producer 700kg at 1345 CH, Derrygonnelly producer 622kg at 1230 CH, Derrygonnelly producer 446kg at 900 LIM, Fintona producer 532kg at 1065 CH, Ederney producer 452kg at 925 LIM, Ederney producer 395kg at 850 LIM, Ederney producer 490kg at 950 LIM.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £905 paid for a 392kg CH while heifers ranged from £550 to £880 for a 336kg SHB.

Ruling prices

Derrylin producer 292kg CH bull at 800, 292kg CH bull at 790, 324kg CH hfr at 720, Lisnaskea producer 262kg CH hfr at 720, 248kg HER hfr at 570, 217kg LIM hfr at 530, 261kg LIM hfr at 625, Enniskillen producer 216kg LIM hfr at 605, 337kg LIM hfr at 750, 347kg LIM hfr at 735, 302kg LIM hfr at 680, Brookeborough producer 392kg CH steer at 905, 372kg CH steer at 820, 385kg CH steer at 885, 364kg CH steer at 865, Belleek producer 285kg CH hfr at 670, 287kg CH hfr at 665, Kesh producer 336kg SHB hfr at 880, 372kg AA steer at 810, 293kg CH bull at 755, 243kg CH bull at CH bull at 690, 233kg LIM hfr at 590, 303kg LIM hfr at 680, Garrison producer 303kg LIM hfr at 680, 273kg LIM steer at 770, 266kg CH steer at 755, 338kg CH steer at 850, Castlederg producer 262kg LIM bull at 625, 285kg CH hfr at 650, 259kg CH bull at 640, Irvinestown producer 353kg LIM bull at 880, 309kg LIM bull at 810, 366kg LIM bull at 820, Kinawley producer 215kg CH bull at 575, 317kg CH bull at 785, Newtownstewart producer 354kg LIM hfr at 800, 363kg SIM hfr at 785, 175kg SIM hfr at 520, Trillick producer 282kg CH bull at 715, 363kg CH hfr at 775.


Enniskillen producer CH bull at 545, Derrygonnelly producer CH bull at 435, Macken producer LIM bull at 450, Florencecourt producer AA bull at 240, Maguiresbridge producer HER bull at 240, Dromore producer FR bull at 112, Derrylin producer CH hfr at 350, Derrygonnelly producer CH hfr at 220, Maguiresbridge producer HER hfr at 195, Florencecourt producer LIM hfr at 185.


Irvinestown producer SIM with hfr calf at 1900, Irvinestown producer SIM with bull calf at 1800, Florencecourt producer SIM with bull calf at 1850, Florencecourt producer SIM with bull calf at 1600, Aghalane producer CH with bull calf at 1600.


Derrylin producer 400kg at 805 CH, Derrylin producer 394kg at 800 CH, Trillick producer 438kg at 865 CH, Garvary producer 334kg at 680 CH, Garvary producer 290kg at 635 SIM, Garvary producer 394kg at 810 CH, Lisnaskea producer 482kg at 940 SIM.


Florencecourt producer 844kg at 1320, Florencecourt producer 848kg at 1275, Florencecourt producer 736kg at 1220 , Boho producer 756kg at 1150, Irvinestown producer 750kg at 1125, Ballinamallard producer 818kg at 1100, Ballinamallard producer 680kg at 1040, Derrylin producer 716kg at 1050, Florencecourt produce 520kg at 940, Leggs producer 644kg at 970, Derrylin producer 530kg at 845.