MARTS: Enniskillen

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A firm trade in all rings Thursday’s sales. Lightweight bullocks sold from 210 to 238ppk for a CH 384kg at 915, mediumweights sold from 205 to 247ppk for a CH 404kg at 1000, heavy lots sold from 190 to 218ppk for a CH 500kg at 1090 and up to 1385 per head.

BULLOCKS: Rosslea producer 404kg at 1000 CH. Omagh producer CH 432kg at 1045 CH. Clogher producer 384kg at 915 CH. Clogher producer 428kg at 1010 CH. Cookstown producer 398kg at 930 CH. Omagh producer 420kg at 985 LIM. Cookstown producer 388kg at 900 LIM. Omagh producer 456kg at 1050 LIM. Omagh producer 436kg at 1000 LIM. Clogher producer 436kg at 990 CH. Clogher producer 456kg at 1035 LIM. Omagh producer 500kg at 1090 CH. Omagh producer 508kg at 1050 CH.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £970 paid for a 394kg CH while heifers ranged from £600 to £970 for a 489kg LIM.

Ruling prices: Kesh producer 333kg LIM bull at 875, 350kg LIM bull at 825. Ederney producer 347kg CH hfr at 840, 340kg CH hfr at 820, 351kg CH steer at 925, 364kg CH steer at 890, 360kg CH hfr at 900, 293kg CH hfr at 850, 335kg CH steer at 890. Garrison producer 322kg CH hfr at 805, 367kg CH steer at 855. Tempo producer 394kg CH steer at 970, 347kg CH steer at 850, 378kg CH hfr at 795. Enniskillen producer 371kg CH bull at 890, 324kg CH hfr at 795, 333kg LIM steer at 775, 306kg CH steer at 890, 231kg LIM hfr at 605. Derrygonnelly producer 314kg CH hfr at 800, 244kg CH hfr at 595. Belcoo producer 356kg CH steer at 910, 379kg AA steer at 820, 298kg CH hfr at 720. Trillick producer 261kg LIM hfr at 715, 288kg CH hfr at 715, 294kg CH hfr at 740. Omagh producer 380kg LIM bull at 900, 336kg CH hfr at 715, 326kg SIM bull at 785. Lisnaskea producer 446kg CH bull at 955, 225kg CH hfr at 550. Belleek producer 352kg CH hfr at 855, 417kg CH bull at 970, 489kg LIM hfr at 970. Fivemiletown producer 308 AA steer at 685, 356kg CH hfr at 785, 308kg CH steer at 820, 385kg LIM steer at 895.

DROP CALVES: Kesh producer LIM bull at 370. Springfield producer LIM hfr at 360. Ballinamallard producer LIM bull at 355. Derrygonnelly producer LIM bull at 335. Derrygonnelly producer CH bull at 300. Tempo producer AA bull at 285. Enniskillen producer BB bull at 270. Letterbreen producer LIM hfr at 265. Maguiresbridge producer HER bull at 270. Derrygonnelly producer AA hfr at 285. Macken producer FR bull at 160. Lisbellaw producer FR bull at 100

SUCKLER COWS: Derrygonnelly producer SIM cow with bull calf at 1600. Enniskillen producer HER cow with bull calf at 1500. Lisnaskea producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1500. Clogher producer CH cow with hfr calf at 1460. Omagh producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1340. Drumquin producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1220. Enniskillen producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1200. Maguiresbridge producer SPR LIM cow at 1170.

HEIFERS: Irvinestown producer 602kg at 1155 SIM. Irvinestown producer 654kg at 1150 SIM. Enniskillen producer 526kg at 1090 DAQ. Bellanaleck producer 574kg at 1090 CH. Lisbellaw producer 532kg at 1065 LIM. Irvinestown producer 568kg at 1060 LIM. Newtownbutler producer 532kg at 1030 CH. Bellanaleck producer 494kg at 1000 LIM. Lisbellaw producer 462kg at 930 LIM. Tempo producer 532kg at 925 AA.

FAT COWS: Magheraveely producer 710kg at 1075. Ballinamallard producer 680kg at 1040. Ballinamallard producer 660kg at 1000. Ballinamallard producer 650kg at 970. Tamlaght producer 670kg at 1035. Garvary producer 610kg at 960. Ballinamallard producer 580kg at 915. Newtownbutler producer 670kg at 955. Derrygonnelly producer 580kg at 865. Brookeborough producer 580kg at 830.