MARTS: Enniskillen


A good summer sale with springtime prices.


LW bullocks sold from 210 – 250ppk 392kg CH at £1040. MW from 200-260ppk for a 422kg CH at 1100. Heavier lots 190-218ppk for a 514kg CH at 1125 and up to £1330 per head for a 660kg CH. Garrison producer, 434kg CH at 1040, 392kg CH at 970. Irvinestown producer, 504kg CH at 1100, 508kg AA at 1090, 504kg LIM at 1030. Derrylin producer, 470kg CH at 1070. Seskinore producer, 602kg LIM at 1285, 490kg SIM at 1070.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £700 to £1120 paid for a 512kg CH while heifers ranged from £550 to £920 for a 407kg SIM.

Ruling prices

Florencecourt producer 512kg CH bull at 1120, 407kg SIM hfr at 920 Tempo producer 424kg LIM hfr at 900, 274kg LIM hfr at 595, 476 CH bull at 945, Kinawley producer 330kg CH hfr at 860, 297kg CH hfr at 735, 305kg CH hfr at 775 Derrylin producer 340kg LIM steer at 800, 349kg LIM hfr at 850, 375kg LIM hfr at 840, 348kg LIM steer at 865 Trillick producer 412kg LIM bull at 905, 379kg CH bull at 880, Lisnaskea producer 371kg CH hfr at 895, 371kg CH steer at 910, Newtownstewart producer 352kg LIM bull at 895 370kg SIM steer at 890, 399kg CH hfr at 815. Magheraveely producer 327kg DAQ bull at 850, 367kg CH steer at 870, 298kg AA bull at 690. Ederney producer 314kg CH hfr at 720, 342kg CH hfr at 855, 331kg CH hfr at 765. Fivemiletown producer 362kg CH bull at 930, 225kg CH hfr at 660, 313kg CH bull at 910, 408kg CH bull at 1000. Roslea producer 460kg CH hfr at 1020.


Ederney producer CH bull at 460. Lisnaskea producer AA bull at 400. Trillick producer HERE hfr at 355. Churchill producer SIM bull at 340. Letterbreen producer AA bull at 315. Enniskillen producer BB bull at 320. Lisbellaw producer CH hfr at 330.


Fivemiletown producer CH cow with hfr calf at 1780. Clogher producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1590. Boho producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1440. Dungannon producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1420. Dromore producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1340. Belcoo producer SPR LIM hfr at 1250.


Garrison producer 368kg at 855 CH. Irvinestown producer 444kg at 995 CH. Cookstown producer 392kg at 875 LIM. Irvinestown producer 488kg at 1075 CH. Cookstown producer 400kg at 1075 SIM. Irvinestown producer 518kg at 1120 CH. Cookstown producer 418kg at 885 CH.


Macken producer 732kg at 1180. Derrylin producer 676kg at 1050. Tempo producer 628kg at 955. Belcoo producer 594kg at 895. Florencecourt producer 722kg at 1030. Monea producer 626kg at 930. Newtownbutler producer 704kg at 975.