MARTS: Enniskillen

A good entry in all rings at Thursday’s cattle sale.

In the bullock ring lightweights selling from 205p to 232p for a CH 396kg at £920, mediumweight selling from 200p to 235p for an CH 464kg at £1090. Heavy lots selling from 190p to 220ppk for a CH 520kg at £1345.


Ballinamallard producer CH 464kg at 1090. Derrylin producer CH 396kg at 920. Lisbellaw producer LIM 436kg at 1000. Florencecourt producer LIM 380kg at 865. Tempo producer CH 462kg at 1045. Tempo producer CH 468kg at 1060. Trillick producer CH 496kg at 1120. Derrylin producer CH 422kg at 930. Belcoo producer CH 466kg at 1040. Ballinamallard producer CH 514kg at 1125. Ballinamallard producer CH 502kg at 1095. Tempo producer CH 530kg at 1120. Ballinamallard producer CH 514kg at 1080.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £680 to £920 paid for a 339kg LIM while heifers ranged from £6000 to £885 for a 452kg CH.

Ruling prices

Tempo producer 409 CH Bull at 1025 346kg CH bull at 840, 377kg CH hfr at 780. Enniskillen producer 345kg CH bull at 850, 234kg Ch bull at 725, 410kg CH bull at 820, Belcoo producer 226kg CH bull at 710, 242kg CH bull at 665, 338kg CH hfr at 700. Lisbellaw producer 453kg CH steer at 900, 412kg LIM hfr at 800, Garrison producer 324kg CH steer at 765, 338kg CH hfr at 765, 454kg LIM steer at 900. Brookeborough producer 279kg CH bull at 715, 323kg CH steer at 665, 312kg SIM hfr at 830. Boho producer 312kg CH bull at 820, 359kg CH bull at 810. Kinawley producer 319kg CH bull at 785, 356kg CH hfr at 770. Lisnaskea producer 374kg HERE hfr at 620, 295kg CH hfr at 620.


Belleek producer CH hfr at 605. Belleek producer LIM bull at 485. Belleek producer LIM hfr at 445. Rosslea producer CH bull at 390. Kinawley producer CH bull at 370. Lisbellaw producer LIM hfr at 350. Omagh producer BB hfr at 325. Kinawley producer CH hfr at 320. Enniskillen producer FR bull at 80. Omagh producer FR bull at 70.


Dromore producer SH cow with hfr calf at 1600. Dromore producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1580. Lisbellaw producer HERE cow with bull calf at 1520. Florencecourt producer HERE cow with bull calf at 1300. Trillick producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1270. Omagh producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1250. Belleek producer DAQ cow with bull calf at 1270.


Newotwnbutler producer 626kg at 1130 CH. Dungannon producer 505kg at 1040 CH. Dungannon producer 500kg at 1005 CH. Ballinamallard producer 530kg at 1060 CH. Omagh producer 510kg at 1030 CH. Newtownbutler producer 520kg at 1015 CH. Aghalane producer 490kg at 980 CH. Springfield producer 480kg at 985 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 440kg at 890 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 380kg at785 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 370kg at 750 CH

Fat cows

Cow hiefers

Kinawley producer CH 496kg at 930. Florencecourt producer CH 736kg at 1305. Boho producer CH 502kg at 855.

Fat cows

Newtownbutler producer CH 556kg at 855. Coa producer CH 504kg at 755. Kesh producer CH 620kg at 900. Irvinestown producer LIM 658kg at 915. Trillick producer LIM 552kg at 745. Lisnaskea producer AA 692kg at 930.

Fat bulls

Ballinamallard producer FR 696kg at 995. Derrygonnelly producer LIM 890kg at 1030.