MARTS: Enniskillen

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Another good entry of cattle on offer in all rings at Thursdays cattle sale. In the bullock ring lightweights selling from 210p to 236p for a CH 384kg at £905, mediumweights selling from 205p to 234p for an CH 410kg at £960. Heavy lots selling from 190p to 216ppk for a CH 518kg at £1120 and sold up to £1300.

BULLOCKS: Brookeborough producer CH 384kg at 905, Rosslea producer CH 386kg at 905, Armagh producer CH 410kg at 960, Strabane producer CH 426kg at 990, Derrygonnelly producer CH 422kg at 980, Ballygawley producer CH 458kg at 1045, Rosslea producer CH 460kg at 1050, Strabane producer CH 518kg at 1120, Belcoo producer CH 532kg at 1145, Macken producer CH 514kg at 1100, Irvinestown producer CH 500kg at 1060, Irvinestown producer CH 550kg at 1165, Strabane producer CH 530kg at 1120.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1070 paid for a 462kg CH while heifers ranged from £570 to £1090 for a 498kg SIM.

Ruling prices: Derrygonnelly producer 387 CH hfr at 835 312kg LIM bull at 790, 373kg CH bull at 905. Tempo producer 402kg CH bull at 930, 449kg LIM bull at 890, 375kg LIM hfr at 800, Garrison producer 289kg CH bull at 790, 347kg CH bull at 885, 342kg CH bull at 865. Enniskillen producer 373kg CH hfr at 810, 406kg CH hfr at 835, Trillick producer 332kg CH steer at855, 262kg CH bull at 725, 345kg CH steer at 820, Belleek producer 210kg CH bull at 720, 306kg CH at 720, Fintona producer 265kg DAQ bull at 525, 285kg CH bull at 780, Derrylin producer 402kg CH bull at 1010, 343kg CH bull at 780.

CALVES: Lisnaskea producer CH bull at 435, Lisnaskea producer LIM bull at 400, Tempo producer BB hfr at 410, Derrylester producer LIM hfr at 370, Irvinestown producer LIM bull at 360, Ballinamallard producer HERE bull at 330, Tempo producer SIM hfr at 365, Monea producer BB bull at 365, Springfield producer LIM hfr at 290, Garrison producer FR bull at 105.

SUCKLER COWS: Florencecourt producer SIM cow with bull calf at 1600, Enniskillen producer CH cow with bull calf at 1530, Enniskillen producer SIM cow with hfr calf at 1500, Clogher producer AA cow with bull calf at 1500, Dungannon producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1370, Boho producer CH cow with hfr calf at 1320, Enniskillen producer SPR CH cow at 1260.

HEIFERS: Lisbellaw producer 566kg at 1240 CH, Springfield producer 660kg at 1265 CH, Tempo producer 596kg at 1115 CH, Springfield producer 577kg at 1110 CH, Springfield producer 530kg at 1080 CH, Macken producer 540kg at 1105 CH, Coa producer 530kg at 1100 CH, Coa producer 510kg at 1040 CH, Tempo producer 500kg at 1040 CH.

Fat cows: Cow heifers: Kinawley producer CH 496kg at 930, Florencecourt producer CH 736kg at 1305, Boho producer CH 502kg at 855. Fat cows: Newtownbutler producer CH 556kg at 855, Coa producer CH 504kg at 755, Kesh producer CH 620kg at 900, Irvinestown producer LIM 658kg at 915, Trillick producer LIM 552kg at 745, Lisnaskea producer AA 692kg at 930. Fat bulls: Ballinamallard producer FR 696kg at 995. Derrygonnelly producer LIM 890kg at 1030.