MARTS: Enniskillen

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A good entry in all rings at Thursday’s cattle sales.

Lightweight bullocks selling from 210 to 246p/kg for 370kg at £910.

Selling from 205 to 248p/kg for a CH 442kg at 1095.

Heavy lots selling from 190 to 221p/kg for a CH 500kg at 1005 and up to 1385 per head.


Enniskillen producer 370kg at 910 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 442kg at 1095 CH. Pettigo producer 404kg at 990 CH. Garvary producer 438kg at 1055 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 440kg at 1030 CH. Pettigo producer 420kg at 985 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 442kg at 1030 CH. Derrygonnelly producer 474kg at 1095 CH. Trillick producer 500kg at 1105 CH. Irvinestown producer 548kg at 1190 CH. Dungannon producer 536kg at 1145 Lim. Kinawley producer 502kg at 1065 CH. Dungannon producer 528kg at 1120 Lim.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1090 paid for a 509kg CH while heifers ranged from £550 to £845 for a 364kg CH.

Ruling prices

Kesh producer 358kg Lim bull at 890, 418kg CH bull at 870, 346kg CH bull at 820. Enniskillen producer 399kg CH hfr at 840, 346kg CH hfr at 760. Irvinestown producer 253kg Lim bull at 615, 435kg CH steer at 980, 378kg CH steer at 870. Letterbreen producer 403kg SIM bull at 835, 395kg Sim bull at 845, 339kg CH steer at 900, 431kg CH steer at 925. Kinawley producer 239kg CH hfr at 605, 251kg SM hfr at 685, 217kg CH hfr at 600. Ederney producer 395kg CH bull at 895, 343kg CH bull at 790, 334kg CH bull at 850. Derrygonnelly producer 219kg HER bull at 625, 231kg Lim bull at 655, 228kg CH bull at 650. Garrison producer 405kg Lim steer at 900, 307kg Lim steer at 825, 330kg Lim steer at 775. Lisnaskea producer 331kg CH bull at 845, 285kg CH hfr at 745, 31kg CH bull at 825. Derrylin producer 395kg CH steer at 920, 375kg Lim steer at 890, 355kg CH steer at 880. Lisnaskea producer 509kg CH steer at 1090, 516kg CH steer at 920, 443kg CH steer at 970, 296kg Daq steer at 700.



Omagh producer Lim hfr at 550. Omagh producer Lim hfr at 500. Clogher producer CH bull at 470. Lisnaskea producer CH bull at 460.


Tempo producer CH bull at 365. Springfield producer CH hfr at 365. Tempo producer Lim bull at 350. Tempo producer Lim bull at 340. Tempo producer Sim hfr at 325. Derrylin producer Lim hfr at 325. Newtownbutler producer AA bull at 310. Tempo producer AA bull at 310. Enniskillen producer Lim hfr at 300. Brookeborough producer Fr bull at 60. Brookeborough producer Fr bull at 50. Derrygonnelly producer Fr bull at 44.


Castlederg producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1500. Lack producer Her cow with bull calf at 1460. Fivemiletown producer Lim cow with hfr calf at 1420. Dromore producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1410. Letterbreen producer Lim cow with hfr calf at 1370. Brookeborough producer Lim cow with hfr calf at 1340. Lack producer AA cow with bull calf at 1320. Magheraveely producer CH cow with cull calf at 1320. Omagh producer Sim cow with bull calf at 1300. Dromore producer Spr Lim cow at 1180. Brookeborough producer spr BB cow at 1210. Brookeborough producer spr Lim cow at 1170.


Forward lots sold to 210ppk paid for a 562kg LIM at £1180 while lightweights sold from 182-218ppk for a 463kg CH at £1010.

Newtownbutler producer 560kg at 1180. Newtownbutler producer 550kg at 1175. Newtownbutler producer 560kg at 1170. Newtownbutler producer 480kg at 1040. Derrylin producer 550kg at 1160. Macken producer 590kg at 1180. Macken producer 580kg at 1160. Enniskillen producer 580kg at 1170. Enniskillen producer 550kg at 1100. Newtownbutler producer 490kg at 1035. Omagh producer 400kg at 880. Omagh producer 400kg at 850.


Irvinestown producer 782kg at 1105 Lim. Macken producer 736kg at 1095 Ch. Letterbreen producer 906kg at 1070 Fr. Lisnaskea producer 788kg at 1065 Ch. Garrison producer 684kg at 990 Sim. Lisnaskea producer 722kg at 950 Lim. Culkey producer 734kg at 940 Ch. Tempo producer 696kg at 935 Ch. Macken producer 676kg at 935 Lim. Belleek producer 836kg at 790 Ch bull. Leggs producer 406kg at 570 Ch.