MARTS: Enniskillen

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Another good entry in all rings at Thursdays sales. In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 205 – 246ppk for a 344kg CH at £845. Heavy lots sold from 190 to 215p/kg for 506kg CH at £1090 and up to £1200 per head.

Medium weights selling from 200-235p/kg for a 400kg CH at £945.


Lisnaskea producer 344kg at 845 CH. Florencecourt producer 392kg at 950 LIM. Lisnaskea producer 400kg at 945 CH. Florencecourt producer 430kg at 990 CH. Belcoo producer 480kg at 10575 CH. Irvinestown producer 476kg at 1055 CH. Omagh producer 506kg at 1090 CH. Florencecourt producer 572kg at 1180 AA. Trillick producer 610kg at 1280 CH.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £620 to £935 paid for a 388kg CH while heifers ranged from £550 to £875 for a 400kg CH.

Ruling prices

Derrygonnelly producer 388kg CH steer at 935, 366kg CH steer at 885. Boho producer 426g CH steer at 905, 393kg CH steer at 895. Tempo producer 409kg CH steer at 885. Coa producer 426kg CH steer at 875. Derrylin producer 312 CH steer at 865, 400kg CH hfr at 875. Lisnskea producer 364kg LIM steer at 870, 404kg LIM hfr at 830. Aghalane producer 389kg CH hfr at 850,. Garison producer 319kg CH hfr at 800, 402KG CH hfr at 820. Belcoo producer 214kg CH hfr at 575. Kinawley producer 364kg LIM steer at 865.


Omagh producer LIM hfr at 545. Kesh producer CH Bull at 440. BB producer LIM bull at 405. Springfield producer CH bull at 335. Dungannon producer LIM hfr at 335. Florencecourt producer CH hfr at 300 Springfield producer CH hfr at 285. Tempo producer CH bull at 315. Lisbellaw producer SIM bull at 285. Derrylin producer LIM bull at 285. Lisnaskea producer AA bull at 300. Drumcose producer SIM hfr at 290. Derrylin producer FR bull at 70. Tempo producer FR bull at 60.


Kesh producer CH cow with hfr calf at 1420. Omagh producer DAQ cow with bull calf at 1470. Enniskillen producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1420. Kinawley producer LIM cow with bull calf at 1400. Enniskillen producer SIM cow with bull at 1380. Lisnaskea producer SIM cow with bull calf at 1340. Ederney producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1240. FMT producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1240. Lisnaskea producer LIM cow with hfr calf at 1240. Springfield producer LIM bull at 1100. Boho producer SIM bull at 1070.


Forward lots sold to 203ppk paid for a 570kg CH at £1155 while lighter weights sold from 182-210 ppk for a 410kg CH at £865.

Derrylin producer 620kg at 1180. Derrylin producer 570kg at 1155. Ballinamallard producer 557kg at 1090. Crumlin producer 5300kg at 1055. Derrylin producer 400kg at 1080. Derrylin producer 510kg at 1020. Belcoo producer 460kg at 950. Garrison producer 470kg at 975.

Fat cows: Macken producer CH 590kg at 1060. Macken producer CH 720kg at 1020. Macken producer CH 716kg at 1000. Derrygonnelly producer CH 622kg at 890. Macken producer CH 560kg at 910. Belcoo producer CH 678kg at 990.